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Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti same old shit: Looks good Biscotti. What pants/jeans are those?
^ This guy is right. I have no idea how those are still available at that price. Anyway, another price drop. They are now at 100$ + shipping. You'll never find those, in that condition, at that price ever again. Someone jump on it!
Fuckkkk, I wish I had the money to buy this
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr +2, deets? Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense Shirt is band, boots are PS, suit is probably hm/zara Hahaha, Kelvin had it right.
Wrinkles = it's a linen suit.
April 77 jacket | Viridi-Anne henley | Acne Max Cash jeans | W+H boots
Quote: Originally Posted by connor adam24 most underrated waywt poster... consistently good shit. both styles done well looks dope Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense both fits are good adam Quote: Originally Posted by stinger70 ADAM 24...2nd fit is great. Totally different style to your first one...the 2nd definitley suits you more. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Price drops on everything remaining.
Both Filippa K pants are now sold. Price drops on everything else!
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