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Quote: Originally Posted by saelan Slack, your new W+H stuff looks great, but I've never liked the way you let your bangs hang out of your beanie. It looks Bieber-ish to me. It might just be because I comb my hair back anyway, but I feel like hair should be tucked into that kind of headgear. My exact thoughts. Those chinos fit perfectly, but I was thinking the same thing as saelan regarding the beanie/hair. I don't mind hairs that hang out a...
Too bad they're 1 size too small. Nice boots at a nice price!
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt If only there was a thread for discussing winter boots that aren't ugly... I'm very well aware of that other thread, but I'm using this one for the exact purpose it has, which is to get a 2nd opinion on a potential purchase. But hey.. thanks for the smart-ass comment
Like every winter, I have a hard time finding a pair of boots that (1) I like, (2) are in my price range (under 200$, but I don't mind buying used), (3) can be useful in Montreal winter. I don't need super functional boots with advanced soles for walking ice/snow.. I walk ON ice/snow (so a leather sole = out of the question), not IN/through it. Looking for something that doesn't necessarily scream 'winter boot' and that can fit into my wardrobe without looking out of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Ehh I dunno. My diet is like insanely clean now and I stil have really big hips for hwo slim I am.... +1
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt ^ where'd you get the duvet cover? Ikea, like pretty much everything else you see on the picture. Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Do you just have a tiny apartment or is that the most swagged out dorm I've ever seen? Neither. I don't see how you came up with only 2 possibilities, lol. That's a bedroom. I'm slowly piling up furniture while preparing to move-out this summer,...
+ closeup/detail pic
Can someone who owns the new WV in a size 44 body please PM me? Thanks.
Paul Smith, the 'Nash' model. I don't really need these and I'll probably end up wearing them less than 10 times/year.. but at 140$ shipped (on eBay) for a barely worn pair, I couldn't resist.
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