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Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple I've never been a fan of t-shirts under cardigans either. Quote: Originally Posted by APK Depends for me. Blank white tee, no. Just for you guys.. Uniqlo cardi Zara v BoO jacket Nudie W+H
@ Biscotti: What shirt and jeans are you wearing on the middle picture? That one is a solid fit from head to toe.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one As for what is to come next; I am probably good on leather jackets with the 3 styles, and i am planning on getting a small run of bags and some accessories out very soon. They obviously won't be MTM so they will be ready to order once I put them up and they'll be with you quickly. I'm kinda late on the back to school thing but I am so happy with my leather production and construction quality that I am gonna seize...
I gotta agree with BB1 here. I kept reading about BoO shirts being the perfect length to wear untucked but now that I own some, I still find them too long in the front/back, forcing me to wear them tucked in. Body proportions and personal preference about the length of a shirt are huge factors of course.
^^ keep posting, I like your fits. Btw, do you have any better pictures of the bag? It looks great and I've been looking for something like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger impressed that you make that W+H look good.. normally I would say it would be pretty much unwearable Are you talking about the hoodie, the pants or the boots?
Tonight... H&M jacket BoO shirt Zara belt Wings + Horns pants Wings + Horns boots
Yesterday night.. Man of Moods polo Zara drop-crotch Wings + Horns boots Today Wings + Horns hoodie Alt App tee Nudie jeans Wings + Horns boots
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