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Leather is surprisingly thick (for what I was expecting). Not thick enough for winter, but it doesn't feel thin or paper-like at all (if that makes sense). IMO it's great value for the price, you can ask other members who own similar jackets made by BS (BrettChaotix for example). I'm 5'6" and it fits a bit long on me. It would be ideal for someone 5'8" or up. Only thing to watch out for is that you need very slim forearms because the arms are cut skinny (which is part...
Bought it from member umhaha84 one week ago but it ended up being too big and long for me. So I'm putting it back for sale right away, for the same price I got it: 170$, and I'll cover shipping (which is around 15$ since I'm shipping from Montreal + tracking). It's tagged as XS but it def. fits like a S, w/ very slim arms. Here are the measurements: Shoulders (taken from the back): 17.25" Chest (from the back, 1.5 inches under the pits): 18.5" Pit-to-pit:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I dont see whats wrong with the fit on that gitman on wagthesam +1. I actually think it fits great. And wagthesam, about how short your shirts appear to be.. at what height level is your camera when taking those pics? I know that when I take pictures with the camera at the waist level or lower, my torso appears a lot shorter than it really is.. so maybe that's the case here too?
PM member BB1, I think he's the one that bought the Julius hoodie you're talking about. Maybe he can help you.
^^ Thanks buddy. Hopefully it fits well, my last experience w/ BS was a disaster. I couldn't even zip up the damn jacket, the waist section was that tight (the rest was alright tho). Free bump for the seller
Yes, it is. (I bought it)
I gotta agree with the buyer, Acne's Hug cut is really underrated and doesn't get as much love as it deserves. I hadn't heard of it before buying a gray pair from the OP this summer, but the anti-fit seat + tapered leg makes for a very relaxed fit that looks great in casual outfits. Someone should buy these, specially at that price!
Quote: Originally Posted by UserName84 You consistently look good Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada adam24 - Good stuff dude. Big fan of the shoes. Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Word. Nice look. And this guy will need to take a trip to H&M soon after seeing those pants. Slim wool blend I assume? Thanks! @ Tonio: the pants are actually tagged 100% cotton. They're made...
Modern Amusement shirt H&M sweater H&M pants Opening Ceremony boots
Modern Amusement shirt H&M sweater H&M pants Opening Ceremony boots
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