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Price drop on the H&M sweater!
MJK & W+H are both SOLD. Only the H&M sweater left. About the colour, I'd say it's more like on MJK's site but w/ more of an olive tint (IMO). Thanks for the interest everyone! Here are MJK's info. There are 2 pockets at the waist level and it says that the material is '100% Lightweight Gray Nylon Shell. Durable Water Repellant Finish'. Hope that helps!
Measurements have been added. And here's a quick fit pic of the sweater. Too bad it's a bit too long for my short torso or I would've kept it for sure. Not the greatest quality (it's H&M afterall!) but a nice designed piece that fits well.
Here are BB1's measurements for the W+H thermal (I bought it from him): Pit-to-pit: 17" Shoulder: 15.5" Length: 24" Fabric stretches horizontally with almost no effort And here are MJK's measurements for the Mac coat: Pit-to-pit: 20.5" Shoulders: 16" Length: 33" Shoulder-to-cuff: 24.5" Hope that helps!
Yes, they most probably made a typo there cuz it's no where close to 30 inches. I'll post measurements later on tonight, but it's probably around 24-25 inches long.
I just received those 3 items, and none of them fit the way I'd like them to. So I'm putting them back up for sale right away, looking for a quick sale - basically just getting my money back. I'm from Montreal, so take that into account for the shipping price. It's around 15$ to ship to the US, a little less than 10$ for Canada. I ship the very next day after receiving payment. Buy more than 1 piece and save on shipping! Buy all 3 and I'll make you a good deal on the...
@ wag: that's pretty much a perfect fit!
Quote: Originally Posted by junebugmm You really love supermarket don't you? This purchase along with the TB plaid shirt and HM sweater, etc. Pretty good stuff there more often than not. Oh yes I do. It's pretty much the only way I can afford pieces from Thom Browne, The Viridi-Anne, MMM, Dior, etc. Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 What is the quality like on the jacket? From what I have seen The Viridi Anne is...
Quote: Originally Posted by bwsbbc Viridi Anne blazer is amazing! where did u cop? Both items were purchased in a used condition on SuFu's supermarket. Quote: Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo I think that jacket was a good choice for you, adam. The MMM kicks look nicer in your photo than I had imagined from webstore pix. Thanks!
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