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Wearing a 38 inch inseam isn't suitable for everyone/every look. I'm 5ft6, take a look at my fit pics, they still have plenty of stacking left in them. While the crazy long inseam can and does work for certain people, I don't abide by the rule that it's sacrilegious to hem a pair of DH jeans. You gotta use some judgment. 38 inches looked stupid on me.
Bump. Another price drop on everything. Lots of interest, lots of questions, but very few serious buyers. And flakers, please don't make me lose my time (K_evink, I'm looking at YOU).
Bump. Dropped 5$ on everything. Buy more than 1 piece and I'll make you a great deal!
Bump. Price drop on all 4 pants (Acne, HL, DH and W+H). I need these gone!
Thanks nicelynice. If only all the buyers were stand up guys like you are! MJK shirt and Barbour vest are sold. Lots of interest in the W+H and Dior jeans but no takers yet. I know the inseam is short, but as you can see on the fit pics, I'm between 5ft6 and 5ft7 and there's still enough material left for some stacking. The HL cords otoh are hemmed to a no-break length. Price drops on the Acne, HL and H&M sweater!
Quote: Originally Posted by durz Initial observations: - Rear of thighs, should be easily fixed at a local tailor. - Shoulders may be ~0.5" too wide each side. - Under arm and back of arm creasing. I have tiny arms so I don't really fill out the armhole. Hopefully it gets lessened once I have the suit pressed. All in all quite satisfied. What are your thoughts? How do they fix that?
I've got a bunch of stuff I need to sell. I'm in Montreal so shipping is 20$ to the US or 12$ in Canada. Of course, buy more than one piece and save on shipping, and I'll even make you a better price if you take more than 1 item. If you need more info (measurements, questions, pictures), don't hesitate to PM me! 1. ACNE Max jeans, in the 'Blackness' wash Size 31 (fits TtS) Bought it off eBay like a year ago (click for pics) Hemmed but never worn outside the house...
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma Have it in both white and black. I was thinking about getting the navy too while it's on sale. Fit is lovely. There's a white/navy/black version of it? Are you sure we're talking about the same polo? Mine is the one with 22% copper in it. I know Farinelli's carries the gray version of it, but I haven't seen any other colours. @ Greddy: I bought mine on sale @ OpeningCeremony. Oki-Ni had it too but it got...
Quote: Originally Posted by MS007 Since MS007 is ignoring my PMs.. I'll paypal 5$ to anyone who finds an online retailer that sells this exact same pair in a size 9 or 9.5 US (or 8UK, or 42EUR).
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