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Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum this is the pilot. i want to watch episode 2 http://www.ninjavideo.net/cat/2309 + Click here to launch the NinjaVideo Helper Beta 0.3.10
Quote: Originally Posted by garmis I don't see a problem with the jeans--nice and slim. +1. You guys are crazy, there's nothing wrong with his jeans.
Any chance we could get a fit pic of the MA-1 please?
FP Laurel polo FP x RS sweater Acne Max Cash NDC
W+H Nudie F+B boots (n-v) FP Laurel DRKSHDW Clarks
Uniqlo x Thom Browne x W+H x PF Flyers (+ Zara)
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Really don't like that jacket, I've seldom seen a high gorge suit look good. I actually agree with you. I'm not too crazy about the high gorge or the 3 buttons myself. But this was my very first suit (and the only one I own at the moment) and JtG was one of the rare brands that was 1) in my price range, 2) made the equivalent of a size XS (34US/44EUR). And JtG happens to make only 3-b suits (they're a...
JtG x Fred Perry x BoO x Zara^2
JtG x Fred Perry x BoO x Zara^2
Price drops on everything. I've just received a new pair of W+H jeans in grey in the right size (31) so my old pair (size 32) becomes useless to me and needs to go! Also, the price on the DH jeans won't go any lower than that. Past that price, I prefer to keep them and hope they stretch 0.5 inch more in the hips.
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