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Added a pair of Undercover sneakers!
^^ thanks. But I'm a 9.5 in most brands and the 9.5 F+B fits me even with thick socks. But like I said, a size 10 won't fit in it. A 9, yes. A 8.5, probably. That's my experience with it. I dunno if the leather vs nubuck makes any difference here.
I'd say they fit pretty TTS. I usually wear 9.5 in most brands (8.5 in Clarks IIRC but these things run huge) and the F+B fit me allright. They could also fit someone who usually wears 9.. but I don't think they'd fit someone who wears 10. Hopefully that helps.
^^ Thanks! Uniqlo cardigan & W+H sweater are SOLD. Only the suit and the 2 boots left for sale. Price drops on all 3.
Hugo Boss jacket is SOLD. I'm looking for a quick sale here, so new price drops on the suit and on the PS boots!
Price drop on pretty much everything.
Both W+H jeans are SOLD. Someone just got a great deal! Price drops on the BOSS jacket and on the Uniqlo cardigan.
Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk What model F+B boot is that? Looks good! Thanks. They DO look great but I wish I could give you more info about it. Unfortunately, I bought them off SuFu and have very little info on them (+ I'm not an expert in F+B models, so I can't really answer that question). If anyone has the answer, share the knowledge TOJ sold!
Some fit pics to give you a better idea... 1. W+H sweater 3 + 7. Uniqlo cardi & W+H black jeans 3. Uniqlo cardi 4. Jump the Gun jacket 4 + 8. Jump the Gun jacket & PS boots 4 + 8. Jump the Gun pants + PS boots
I'm selling lots of stuff that has been sitting in my closet and that doesn't fit with my wardrobe anymore. I'm shipping from Montreal, so shipping costs 20$ to the US or 12$ to Canada. Of course, buy more than one piece and save on shipping, and I'll even make you a better price if you take more than 1 item. If you need more info (measurements, questions, pictures), don't hesitate to PM me! 4. IC: JUMPtheGUN mohair/tonic suit (sz EU 44S jacket + size 32 pants) I'm...
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