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Title says it all. Condition: Worn and some signs of wear but still lots of life left in them (worn by previous owner - they're too small for me) I'm shipping from Montreal. Price includes shipping to the US, but let me know if you're in Canada and I can lower the price.
Another 40$ price drop.
40$ Price drop.
Closeup pic: [[SPOILER]] Fit pic: [[SPOILER]] Leather: Calfskin but it's buttery soft and supple, very comparable to the lambskin TOJ uses (as a popular reference point) but in a more smooth and thick leather. The weight is ideal for spring/fall, not for summer tho. The distressing/wrinkling seen at the collar and on the pocket flaps are part of the design. The wrinkling on the rest of the jacket is because I voluntarily toss my jacket in a corner of my drawer to give it...
Canvas, yes. Waxed, I dunno yet, seller didn't specify (made of a charcoal canvas type of material was his description) and I haven't received them yet. I was lucky enough to be the only bidder, so I won the eBay auction for 120$, so I guess they're worth a shot for summer.
^ These look nice. How much? And from which e-shop?
TOJ + Zara*2 + Acne + Givenchy. They've been beaten to death by Montreal's winter, the patent coating is slowly falling apart, the suede is calcium-tainted, the soles are fading away.. but they've been the best winter beaters I could've hoped for. I'll miss them once they completely fall apart. (bought used for 100$ because Givenchy isn't a SF/SuFu-approved brand): [[SPOILER]]
Jeans and cardigan are gone. Price drop on the sweatpants.
I'm shipping from Montreal, but shipping cost is included in my prices. If you're in Canada, I can lower the price by 5-10$. If you're buying more than 1 item, combined shipping knocks down 15$ off the total price. Feel free to PM me any questions you may have. RAF Simons SS04 sweatpants Size 48 - will fit people who usually wear sizes 30 to 33 A pair of loose-fit sweatpants, unfinished hems, 36" inseam, no pockets Material is light enough to be worn in spring and even...
Zara (coat)Acne (sweater + jeans)BoO (shirt)Paul Smith, the Corso model (boots)Alternate pic: [[SPOILER]] For those who asked about yesterday's fit (thanks for the feedback/kind words!): the boots are also PS (York), same Acne jeans, everything else is from Zara.
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