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I have a pair of grafton shoes (a derby in calf leather) in black, with dainite soles. It is a thick sole and I wear it when there is walking to be done, and I have not experienced pain. I have not worn the pair for long periods though. But I should add that it is grafton2, and I have not previously heard of this grafton2.
I have a pair in tan, bought in 2005 I think. It is a comfortable well made shoe. The heel seems to painted over, and I do not understand that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Northampton Novice Such a shame that the image shack issue has made much of this beautiful thread defunct. Should we have a bash at re-populating it and retire this thread.... Any idea anyone, when we'll be able to access the images again?
Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 Just got off the phone with the folks at Edward Green. Basically, the sale that starts today is only for walk-ins to their Jermyn Street store. Over the next ten days they are working on aggregating the sale shoe list in their Northampton outlet and will be sending out the sale lists once this exercise is completed. If there is a specific shoe you are looking for, you may be able to get it sent to you from the...
Does anyone have an idea of the EG sale shoes in UK sizes 6, 6.5 and 7? Would greatly appreciate the information.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrUnicorn but p lal doesnt have handgrade shoes or they do? PLal does offer handgrade shoes, all styles
Quote: Originally Posted by Tobacco Man Just got an email that their winter sale is starting Monday, Dec 27th at their 56th Street store and will feature discounts up to 35% off selected styles. Anyone go to this last year? I'm wondering how long it lasts and how many styles they might include... The sale normally lasts about a month. The styles vary but the main ones or the popular ones are invariably included, though it is difficult to...
Swaine Adeney (St James St, London) have a twice yearly sale, one in summer and another in winter, just after Xmas, if I remember correctly. Almost everything is knocked down by 15-20%, and some items may fetch higher discounts. You might email/phone Swaine Adeney for sale period dates, and check for availability of the specific item/s at the time
Would be grateful for a description or picture of McDonald, an Oxford I understand
Quote: Originally Posted by Tidybeard Portnoy is Korean? Tidybeard: Sir, I suspect that you grossly UNDERESTIMATE the size of Portnoy's collection. ONLY 1200??? Cannot be! If I were him, I would take great offence.
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