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A little green for Saint Patrick's    
For your viewing pleasure. Navy croc And Black gator card holders Also Black gator Vs Navy croc passport holder Also dont forget lizard. Very underrated exotic IMO All from @PierpontLeather Very nice quality skins. Deep colors
I have that black gator wallet from parker and it really is far from boring. The black has a certain depth to it that is hard to describe
Depends on exchange rate as payment is in CHF, which typically oscillates around 1:1 with USD.Most of his custom all hand made calf/chevre briefaces/bags are around 4k CHF depending on options, less for women's clutches, more for exotics.Pricing is similar to the prices Ortus quoted me for briefcases but without the 1yr plus wait. (About 3 mos for this briefcase)He also has more "classic" designsSee Pic below - not mineAnd also makes womens stuff if you want a unique bag...
This is from Peter Nitz. His handle is atelier Peter Nitz on IG and facebook. Its all custom saddle stitched mens and womens bags and briefcases. He also has Van Astyn which is his line but it is machine made and RTW.
Oh no specific reason.Only reason i started with SCP is bc i made an online purchase which fills via SCP. One of the guys contacted me and told me I can just go through him in the future (probably commission for him).I have had excellent service through him since then so no reason to change. Also never been charged an MTO fee for shoes eveb outside of core collection or trunk showAs an aside i had a less than stellar experience at NYC store two weeks ago. Me and wife spent...
Straight razor for best results
Interestingly enough I did have a shoelace shredded on one of the shoes, but not the otherI always ask the boutique to send two pairs of extra laces with every pair of shoes (they usually give you one extra pair).Not sure if that was from wear or pulling the laces tight. I know pulling thrm tight can shred the laces on speed hooks also, and that can be minimized by pulling tight before engaging the speed hooks (in this case palladium eyelets) and then gently pulling the...
Agreed.All my plum museum shoes are reserved for navy suits
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