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^ did i ever mention how much i love seeing one of XenoX101's posts on this thread?
great pieces & prices! enquiry PM sent.
kilgour leather, DD boots, and OC coat up on eBay!
up on the bay!
nice and reasonably priced, would be sending payment for the somber colours now if they weren't 2 sizes too small.. free bump
29/12 price drops! BUYYY
29/12 price drops!
29/12 price drops!!
i have a kilgour, french & stanbury tan suede jacket up for sale - link in my sig., as well as numerous other items as well. thank you! J
Quote: Originally Posted by malefic That's fucking amazing, are those hideously uncommon? I've never seen one before but suddenly I need one. yes, YMC is mid-tier, but somehow it pops up only very rarely online.. except for the sneakers I think. love their ankle strap boots from a year or two back. (anybody with a 43, preferably black, contact me) Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus how safe is it to buy stuff from...
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