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+1 to the Kent Wang Suggestions. I'd include Macclesfields and shepherds check to the mix as well:
I just wanted to note that this thread was pleasant to read in that it was not the train wreck that so many 'black suit' threads become. Props to the OP for framing the situation with the right details and keeping an open mind. Props to the respondents who did so without the snark, and with a good deal of understanding and information. Cheers.
Nice post A. And while I don't have as strong distaste for Grand Seikos as you, I do agree that for the most part, a certain sect of individuals buy them and decree their value quite loudly. Interesting catch on the constellation, and something I wonder about often on here. I've seen a few frankens and reps on the Watch Appreciation thread but have noticed that no one ever says anything..I'd like to think out of courtesy. But something wonder if the owners themselves even...
Make the tie green and you have an artichoke.
But really..a decade ago.. Who was he?
Does Rlpl really need a thread of this nature? Serious wtf?
What Glennie-esque innovation.
Cheers to you for keeping an open mind and not getting defensive when others disagree with your perceptions. Theres been plenty of those that frequent this forum, and those conversations descend into anarchy fairly quickly.Best of luck to you.
When it doubt, assume yes and move on.
Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?
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