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They fit very close in size, the sole on the nicks and the lack of toe reinforcement on the whites gives the illusion that the nicks are roomier. I think size variation comes more from the socks i wear, thinner with the whites and heavier with the nicks so the nicks feel a little tighter. i tend to believe sock choice is very under rated when having sizing issues and is often left out when people talk about the way shoes fit on the internet which can have a significant...
here are a couple that i've posted on instagram the first shows my white's retro oxfords as well. I did order the baker's oxford from Nicks.
exactly! I've worn danners, really high quality work boots, 3 pair of redwings, also well made and good looking, frye well made and good looking but none come close to the comfort I've experienced with both Nicks and White's. what I'm saying is that the quality is not going to be what say a saint crispin is. So if that is the standard then yes these work boot makers fall short of that standard but what they do provide is hard wearing leathers that are meant to handle the...
This may be hard to believe but these are handmade work boot prices and that's what you are getting. An incredibly well made workboot made with work boot leathers. Whites offers French calf and a other exotic leathers so you could go that route. My two favorite boots have been my nick's oxfords and my various whites. I'm on my feet a good part of my day so aesthetics while important to me comes second to fit and comfort. All the shoes that I have tried at a lower price...
Crap my wallet may be taking an unexpected hit.
I'd be happy to take those monstrosities off your hands.
and a super fast internet connection with paypal ready to go and most importantly an insane amount of luck.
We need to get a 310 made in one of these rounds!
Agreed, i've loved the 310 for years the stars have just never aligned for me to purchase a pair.
Any interest in a black service boot on the 310 last? this would fit the classic rugged work boot look. These are my personal grail and am hoping that something like these pops up either here or their website. if anyone has any leads on tracking down a pair in a 7.5 or 8, i would appreciated the help.
New Posts  All Forums: