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Looking for the size 8's let me know if they don't work out for you.Thanks!
Damn was too late on my grail boondockers
Baker's gets their oxfords from several sources. Mine were from Nick's but you can specify in the comments (at order) which source you would like. some leather combo's may not be available from different makers.
Benjo's makes some laces that come closehttp://www.benjos.com/work-boot-laces/
I really love my Nick's oxfords and am saving up for another pair to rotate for work. Can't wait to hear your comparisons between these and your whites. I have not tried the Hathron oxfords by white's which would be a more direct comparison. but for standing and walking the cushion from the vibram 2060 plus the support from the shape of the last on the Nicks makes these my perfect work shoe. The white's retro oxfords on the other hand are super comfortable for casual wear...
I can second this. I wore my cxl bounty hunters as my primary work boots for 2 years at a sheet metal shop and they were beat to hell and lived to tell the tale. I posted pictures of them a year ago. here's what they looked like after a good cleaning.I only wear rough out leather now because no leather can hold up to the scrapes and cuts sheet metal dishes out aside from rough out. There is a reason rough out is so popular with the smoke jumpers and forestry guys.That...
I don't think you will enjoy them James, they are more comparable to Redwing's or Chippewa's. Not a knock against these brands just White's, Wesco, Nicks are a level up in terms of comfort and craftsmenship. I have a pair of the mountain trails that are so wide they are unwearable without 2 to 3 pair of hiking socks, which in fairness as being a light hiking boot is the intent. a smaller size would put my foot to far forward and mess with the arch placement. Also the arch...
my retro oxfords have the double midsole and it took a little while longer to break in. after wearing them all summer they are incredibly comfortable now. they are double leather so not sure how it would be with another sole. and i don't have the half slip either. but leather will eventually get more flexible with wear. Ultimately you need to do whatever is best for your foot regardless of what us random internet folks may tell you.
They fit very close in size, the sole on the nicks and the lack of toe reinforcement on the whites gives the illusion that the nicks are roomier. I think size variation comes more from the socks i wear, thinner with the whites and heavier with the nicks so the nicks feel a little tighter. i tend to believe sock choice is very under rated when having sizing issues and is often left out when people talk about the way shoes fit on the internet which can have a significant...
here are a couple that i've posted on instagram the first shows my white's retro oxfords as well. I did order the baker's oxford from Nicks.
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