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Those sound awesome! I am really loving mine, I haven't been wearing my other white's lately and forgotten how great they fit. even with the heel lowered a 1/4" the arch ease is still perfectly centered on my foot. Was hoping to find a pair of black boots in the sample sale but am seriously considering ordering a custom pair of whites for basically the same price.
Bakers also has a fit guarantee and can sometimes provide boots for test fitting. Whites and Wesco boots can also do custom lasts based entirely on your exact foot. This usually runs around $100 but then they keep your last on file and use it for any other boots you may want to order. I really would worry too much these guys are the best and are very accommodating.
I believe there are a couple of different makers for the baker's oxford. Mine i am fairly certain came from Nick's due to the leathers and 18 week lead time. they are great though. really great quality and fit as well as my whites. if not for the lead time I may have already ordered another pair to rotate. The bakers oxfords are my primary work shoes.
Yup, the retro oxfords from bakers, from my understanding they are more difficult to last than boots but I can't remember where I heard this so not really sure about it. For me what sold me on them was that whites fit my foot like no other. These fit the same as my semi-dress and my bounty hunters and just as comfortable. I've tried other brands but I'm pretty much done buying anything but whites from now on. They are all I want to wear.
the oxfords pictured above are natural cxl, double leather sole, 1/4 lower block heel. no celastic toe, brass eyes. I really liked what style forum was doing with their make up but I love the way White's fit my foot so i decided to work with bakers boots and see if we could come up with something similar. These nailed it plus the fit is perfect for my foot. These will be my go to summer shoe from now on. I am extremely happy with this purchase.
just got my oxfords
You would probably be happier in an 8. Or you could try wearing a thin dress sock. with an 8 you could also use an insole to take up some room width wise without affecting the overall length of the boot.FYI I'm an 8.5 D on the brannock and have been wearing a 7.5 exclusively with dress socks. I wish I had gone with an 8.BTW I think we tend to forget that our feet swell a bit during the summer months as temps begin to rise. So this may be more of an issue now than it was...
Placed my order back in may, I hoping I'm at the halfway point. Here are the specs Retro Oxford by White's Boots Item No: 154 Hardware: All Brass Eyes Leather: Natural Chrome Excel by Horween Size - Length: 8 Sole: Double Leather Toe Cap: No Thanks No Celastic Size - Width: D (medium) Sole Trim: Close Trim Heel Base: 90 Degree Blocked off Heel (Traveler) 1/4" lower I almost went (was a really close call) with the viberg/styleforum make up but I really love the way the...
They are indeed cheaper to repair than replacing a full rubber sole, no need to remove the heal, will last longer than leather a leather sole, again no need to replace the heal when replacing the sole, and do have a certain look that appeals to many. also the flex that is gained by breaking in the leather soles is unaffected by resoling on the half sole, as opposed to resoling a leather sole. So there are advantages to a half-sole as well as the disadvantages discussed.I...
I have two pair of black cxl and it has the same creasing. CXL also comes in a variety of thicknesses. The kittles are usually made up of whatever scrap leather they have around. The kittles on my brown cxl are mos def not production leather as there are tons of imperfections in them. I don't use them and they are only tongue protectors anyway so I don't really care.
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