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We need to get a 310 made in one of these rounds!
Agreed, i've loved the 310 for years the stars have just never aligned for me to purchase a pair.
Any interest in a black service boot on the 310 last? this would fit the classic rugged work boot look. These are my personal grail and am hoping that something like these pops up either here or their website. if anyone has any leads on tracking down a pair in a 7.5 or 8, i would appreciated the help.
FYI, CXl takes shoe polish quite nicely. If you don't own a horsehair brush, an old t-shirt and several shades of polish, preferably both cream and paste, then you are doing all of your fine footwear a disservice.
The Toe box feels fine just a little short, they are still comfortable and I wear them twice a week. but I absolutely love the white's archease, I wear an 8D in the standard semi-dress last, the 338 swing last, and the retro oxford. they all work for me.
I bought a pair of 8 E lace to toe JH classics figuring it would be close to the standard 8D white's i normally wear, but not the case. The width is the same but the length feels a little short. I think an 8.5 D would fit perfectly and if i end up going for another pair that is what i will do. One thing to note is that they come with wesco insoles so you can remove them and get a little extra room if needed, or try a slimmer or thicker insole.
not picking on you, Perhaps you should start a money- saving shoe stretching advice thread. That way all this information can be located in one place instead of a buch of different threads. Then we can stick to white's, viberg, nicks or whatever in their respective threads.
Baker's has guaranteed fit. they don't fit send them back. small price to pay for boots that are basically made to last a lifetime. Mine are going on 4 years and are still the most comfortable boots i own. They have molded to my foot. I am getting ready to send in for a resole and I'll be sure to get before and after pictures.
It can look cool with the right leathers.Here is something Rising Sun did with Julian boots to give you an idea of how something like this would lookhttp://shop.risingsunjeans.com/collections/boots/products/the-cadet
This is all capitalism at its finest. High demand and limited supply equals charging whatever the market will bear. At some point when trends shift and stockists end up with vibergs that won't sell we will see prices come back down to earth. This is why viberg is still doing their traditional work boots for much less. Long after the 2030 has gone out of style they'll still be making their traditional work boots for those that actually work in them.
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