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I bought saphir shoe cream for my G&G's in vintage rioja calf, I't turned out to be for cordovan skin. I'm just worried that the polish won't give my shoes the protection they need if i use it. I tried to return it but they didn't have the color i need. So the question is if the cordovan cream is sufficient or if i should by something else?
I would say that 700 is too expensive for the quality of the suit you get. It's stil 700 for a suit wich probably has the same construction as a suit from Zara or H&M.
I found them at selectism,
Hello SF:ers! I was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with Corneliani Leader Super Soft. I'm contemplating ordering one off the rack but with a specific fabric and patch pockets, (since the Super Soft don't have an MTM program). My concerns are the overall fit of the jacket. The shop only has the regular Leader in my size, EUR 44 or 46. The 44 is a good length but a tad short at the arms and the 46 is bit big and maybe a tad long. So my hopes are that...
This sounds very interesting. I really like Church's and from my experience my Tauton on the 119 last in betis are absolutely great. I love both the last and the finishing. The leather feels thick but not as supple as G&G. Maybe that could be a result from the coloring process. My only objection is that due to the coloration they don't take a polish as easily. On the other hand i have a pair of sheldon on the 130 last that i'm not as pleased with. They have a...
If you want something different and sporty, you have the Linde Werdelind Spidospeed: Or a little more elegant perhaps the Linde 3 timer With date and GMT complication They also have a small computer you could attach for diving and skiing. Further reading:
Duchamp and Bresciani.
Do you need the money? Is it a way to liquidate capital? If so, yes, but only you can decide. I wouldn't have any regrets in selling a watch that doesn't get any wrist time. And maybe your current watches have too similar usage. I like the idea of a "fun" watch, just recently fell in love with ulysee nardin freak blue phantom, but i can only hope to afford one some day. And afford one as a novelty watch. But I personaly think the longines isn't that far off from your...
Quote: Nothing really extraordinary about them. I like the stitching at the side. Its a bit...I dunno... subversive? I just jizzed in my pants.
A Ermenegildo Zegna suit, summer trofeo cloth, in the babylon fit. Blue. It's at the tailor for alterations now but I can barley wait for it to be done.
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