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Hi guys, quick question. Is a suit like this at 50% reduced price worthwhile, or complete rubbish? Presume it's fused, etc., but the price point is quite low. (125 GBP for the full ensemble.) http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-tailored-italian-check-suit-jacket-charcoal/p771635
Thanks for all of the responses. Returning has been the consensus. Now I need to break the news to my tailor -- who really isn't ripping me off. He's charging for making half of a MTM suit, since the original size is too large. (My sister bought it for me; I hate to shop.)
Just went to the basement and picked up a suit I thought was Zegna but was actually just Zegna cloth. Scammers. Thanks to the SF and AskAndy, I exposed this common deceptive practice: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...p?t-51503.html. Question is, I bought the suit for $450. Is a suit with decent fabric worth $300 in tailoring charges to make it fit like a glove? Everything in the suit needs to be engineered. My tailor will make it look great. If you think I...
right, but eBay has at least a 7-day delay. I'd need to buy something this weekend.
Kind of an emergency for an upcoming conference in NY: When you urgently need a new dress shirt, but don't have time to sniff out a deal, or to have a bespoke one created, what brand offers the best bang for the buck? This would apply to shirts available in any major city. I generally feel that retail is overpriced, seeing as things always go on sale / bespoke is better, but is there a brand where the MSRP is "good enough" / satisfices? Slimmer fitting is...
Are you satisfied with the suit? What's the update? Thanks.
I believe these are on par with BB quality. For $20, that's not a horrible price for monogramming and a fashion-forward cuff/collar. Your thoughts? http://www.paulfredrick.com/shirts/shirts.aspx Enter W5RDAA at checkout to reduce price. Shipping extra.
Thought you guys might be interested in this website. It shows a century of fashion at one of America's biggest and most conspicuous corporations: http://www-03.ibm.com/ibm/history/ex...ywewore_1.html IMO, they looked good until about 1990.
Trying to find a pair of good, size 10, black dress shoes to wear with a suit. Anyone know anything about these Sandro Moscoloni Bash shoes? http://www.sierratradingpost.com/xq.....htm#tm Anything better available online? I'm more interested in a deal than in price. (If the shoes are $200, but 60% off, that's better than $100 and only 25% off.) No Grensons in my size.
Thank you for your prompt responses, everyone. I appreciate your offer, Ranjeev, but something about the soles on those BMs makes them seem too sneaker-esque. That said, I just looked at the Charles Tyrwhitt shoes. They seem rather dressy, though. Which, exactly, are the Loakes, j? And I agree with everyone's sentiments on shiny shoes and jeans. But short of resorting to suede, where can one find shoes more matte than these? The Grensons from Bennie's seem even more...
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