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Does this fabric look familiar? http://www.sportscraft.com.au/long-sleeve/oxford-classic-shirt/w1/i6195631_1128129/ Also for those Gant Rugger fans, what about this? http://www.sportscraft.com.au/harris-multi-check-shirt/w1/i6195439/ B.
No, these are not black on blue; BOB don't have a tuxedo stripe on the outseam.B.
Still no boots, emails, phone calls, faxes, carrier pigeons or smoke signals.
Post pics please (daylight & dark).B.
You think that's why they closed down for three weeks?
Just tried to call again, 3:15pm Vancouver time on a Wednesday, no answer. Are there any other numbers other than 604-253-6671? B.
No, I am also in Australia & haven't even received a tracking number yet. I rang about 6 weeks ago to see if it was too late to change my size, & the lady said my boots were a day away from being finished! I tried calling 2 weeks ago & the phone rang out. I also emailed once & got no reply.B.
Yes Polo do make some rinsed "slim fit" selvedge jeans which are not overly slim; denim is reasonably heavy. PRL quality is often underrated.B.
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