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WTF is this shit? Then again, I guess skintight jeans used to look hideous too... B.
Agreed. I'm using Firefox with NoScript & the site just jumps all over the place....Interesting to see the variety of stock though.B.
I would say "Washed" or "Distressed" depending on the amount of wear.B.
A$850 (or US$890).
Great, I'll try them tomorrow. One last attempt before the chargeback. Thank god for Visa.B.
From memory it was all about nice relaxed fits in 1995. Size Medium was probably 25-26" P2P.B.
There is a version of that jacket without the dragon painting on it.B.
Cheers for the explanation Namor! Cool jacket.
Does this fabric look familiar? http://www.sportscraft.com.au/long-sleeve/oxford-classic-shirt/w1/i6195631_1128129/ Also for those Gant Rugger fans, what about this? http://www.sportscraft.com.au/harris-multi-check-shirt/w1/i6195439/ B.
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