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Any comments or pics of the RRL jeans? Keen to see pics of the selvedge lines of the ltd editions.
Hi, I got them in a 31, but had to ring a store to buy them. Not sure what other odd sizes they made, guessing 29 and 33 as well.B.
I've had a few PMs with Gustin on this topic, but I'd thought I'd throw it out here to see if there's any support. Gustin have some awesome shirting fabric, but I wish the shirts had selvedge gussets to make the selvedge more visible when worn; it's a shame to have such amazing selvedge lines but not have them visible. The current oxford design feels more like a dress shirt designed to be tucked in, rather than a casual shirt. Gustin, please consider offering shirts with...
Yes you're right, photos taken indoors at night so white balance is off (see price tag). How is this?
It's a Medium, I can post measurements later tonight if it will help?
New shawl-collar denim workshirt looks interesting. Looks like it's selvedge too, although the description doesn't mention it. Received the Jackson Frontier workshirt. It's lightweight cotton selvedge, though the subtle selvedge line is only on one inside placket, not the gussets! The days of selvedge under collars, cuffs and pockets are long gone.
Those white officers do have a selvedge line; it's just white as well.
And another thing about the selvedge shirts: why do they hide the gussets in the photos? They purposely fold them back for both the front and back shots. Some of those other $295 shirts may also be selvedge but we'd never know it (banded-collar railman shirt?); just like the indigo Clydes are selvedge and are not described as such on the site. Crazy.
Yes agree that shirt looks great except for the patch which is a deal breaker for me. They do have a new season Frontier shirt on the website which appears similar to some of their recent selvedge shirts.So RRL have now settled into a pattern of releasing 1-2 selvedge shirts each season at a $100 premium. Unfortunately the classics (chambrays, western denim) still appear to be non-selvedge.OT, but has anyone seen Gap's current season selvedge shirts in three colors?
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