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I am wondering out loud if the first pair are the first gen of buckle-backs using Japanese denim, and the others the second gen using USA denim? May have changed the cut as well.
FYI that linked shirt is not selvedge, despite what the website says.
I tried on the first gen yesterday. The cut, while not baggy, is certainly relaxed by modern standards, and the high rise and 9" hem (on a size 30) are not going to suit everyone. Having said that, the details and denim are great.B.
And just because this thread needs more pics (& I have a Gogo wifi pass for this flight I'm on), here's a photo of the current season 10.8oz raw selvedge chinos...
So I've just spent a few days in NYC and had a look at the current RRL stock. I did not find one selvedge shirt in any of the RRL stores, including the denim shirts. I was told that there was a selvedge western shirt done this season but it had sold out; does anyone have photos of it? The material used for the shirts was not in general outstanding (being somewhat lightweight and with unremarkable weaves and patterns) and many, particularly the plaids, would be difficult...
A true 32 wearing size 28 slim fits?? Must have been a fun first few weeks for you.
This thread needs more pics... Not your average plaid shirt. RRL selvedge cotton shirt with tab collar, chainstitch runoff & selvedge lines under collar, gusset, inside pockets & inside front placket.
Couldn't agree more!!! How do we get this message to RL?It is one of the things that separated RRL from other brands, and indeed other RL lines. It seems that selvedge is disappearing from even some of the jeans. It is also rarely found on RRL's cotton pants these days.B.
Nice pants (though it looks like they might be women's based on the measurements on eBay). Why not get them tapered (on the inseam to preserve the selvedge) if you don't like the straight leg?
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