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Would love to see a pic of your collection.
And just because there aren't enough pics in this thread, here's my RRL herringbone selvedge workshirt...
Please post some pics when they arrive, they look amazing. I imagine they'll size and feel the same as the 10.8oz sulphur-dyed chinos, with the same overdyed self-colored selvedge.B.
Just saw someone post these pics on another forum of their sulphur dyed Clyde buckle-backs... http://imgur.com/a/N9W0I
The black pair came out in mid 2013 & were called (by the sales staff anyway) the sulphur-dyed selvedge chinos for $240. They're more a gun metal grey or charcoal than a black. They're basically the 10.8 oz khaki selvedge chinos overdyed, and they're the stiffest, crunchiest chinos I've ever felt (the overdye must make them even stiffer than the original, which are already amazing). Looks like they also did a buckle-back Clyde version using the same fabric 6-12 months...
@zissou any chance of some photos?
Can someone post a pic of the new brown Clyde selvedge line?
No, straight hem = aloha shirt. Selvedge gussets on the non button downs please.
Yep it's off the back. Two indigo threads and a brown thread.
I'll check and let you know shortly @MasterOfDomains. It's almost always the back for RRL shirts.
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