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I finally got my boots this week. I'm OK with the quality, just not the 5 month wait. Size-wise I could have gone down another half a size, but they may have been too narrow, and a thick insole should be fine. I did note that the inside of the cardboard box had black nubuck dye all over it from the journey to my place. Does this dye rub off on the inside of jeans or pants. How do you avoid this with the nubuck boots - you can't buff them to remove dye, can you? Also,...
Hi all, I recently purchased the Tapatalk app for Android and am not overly impressed by how it displays threads; particularly that you can't easily distinguish between quoted text and new text in each post. Has anyone found another better solution? I assume there is no official mobile version of the site. I stumbled upon this site which seems to be a real-time mobile-friendly view of SF: http://li163-42.members.linode.com/forum/. It's updated in real-time too. Not...
It seems that none of the RRL shirts on the website are selvedge, even the chambrays. Have they stopped doing selvedge shirts? Also: what is the selvedge line color of the "new black on black" jean on the website? I'm looking for the black slim fit jean I saw at Barneys in March 2010 that had a white selvedge line. This is what I'm after & claims to be "black on black" but this auction is also a "black on black" jean with an overdyed selvedge line. Confused... B.
Dude you need to use a bib on your crotch. Or at least avoid wearing $220 pants when having greasy dinners.
Old news dudehttp://www.styleforum.net/t/158840/what-s-the-appeal-of-the-wings-horns-x-dayton-service-boots/1020#post_4704388
For a selvedge khaki pant it's pretty good.B.
Too much trouble to make a boot without the logo? Seriously? Still no sign of my nubucks despite promises a month ago. Five months and waiting.
+1. Sometimes it seems a waste to have good clothes but never get around to wearing them.B.
I've tried on Ksubi boots, they seem to be mostly made in Portugal and resemble Allsaints in style & quality (probably ordered through the same source) - look good at a distance but are lightweight and use lower quality leather. Overpriced at full retail.B.
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