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OT, but wow, D&S have a camo selvedge canvas jean: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=56776386 If you look past the abominable patch it's not a bad looking jean. Would be interesting to see the selvedge line. Edit: looks like a blue ID poking out from the coin pocket.
Thanks for the info @zissou & sorry to hear about the sizing, think I'll stick with the sulphurs & pass on the olives.I have been thinking about the Cassidy Brown Clydes though, just love that brutal 10.8oz twill.
Has anyone bought or seen the Aaron selvedge workshirt? I'm curious how pronounced the fading is & whether it looks overdone?
@zissou these olive chinos looks similar to the sulfur dyed (aka black aka charcoal) chinos in the online photos that I'm wondering if they're sufficiently different to have both. How green are they in person? Can you post some pics in daylight?Also can anyone post pics of the brown Clydes?Thanks.
Is it the same stiff 10.8oz selvedge twill as used in the khaki version? Can you post some pics including the selvedge?Also if anyone can post pics of the Cassidy Brown Clyde Chino I'd really appreciate it.Thanks.
Thank you!
Would love to see a pic of your collection.
And just because there aren't enough pics in this thread, here's my RRL herringbone selvedge workshirt...
Please post some pics when they arrive, they look amazing. I imagine they'll size and feel the same as the 10.8oz sulphur-dyed chinos, with the same overdyed self-colored selvedge.B.
Just saw someone post these pics on another forum of their sulphur dyed Clyde buckle-backs... http://imgur.com/a/N9W0I
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