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Yes agree that shirt looks great except for the patch which is a deal breaker for me. They do have a new season Frontier shirt on the website which appears similar to some of their recent selvedge shirts.So RRL have now settled into a pattern of releasing 1-2 selvedge shirts each season at a $100 premium. Unfortunately the classics (chambrays, western denim) still appear to be non-selvedge.OT, but has anyone seen Gap's current season selvedge shirts in three colors?
I bought the LE olive slim fits in 32 but when arrived they measure slightly over 34" & so are about 1" too big. After I received them, size 31 appeared on the website, but when I ordered them it was cancelled and the 31 disappeared from the site. I suspect this was an error & they don't make odd sizes. Has anyone purchased them in odd sizes (31 & 33)? I need 32-33" waist & think the 30 will be too tight. I know this is not routine practice around here, but has anyone...
Nice Namor, thanks for posting! The store where I bought mine (W.Broadway) called them the "sulfur-dyed chinos", presumably just overdyed 10.8oz selvedge twill as used in the standard Officer selvedge chinos. Looks to be identical fabric to last season's rigid buckleback Clydes.Have they faded much? Looks like you've had them tapered?
Thanks for the pics JO. What is the waist sizing on the Indigo Clydes? Can you let me know what size you bought & the waist measurement?Thanks,Brett.
Looks like Gap have some interesting new selvedge clothes on their website, including jackets ($90), shirts ($70) and slim fit pants ($90)! Anyone seen them in-store? The shirts & jacket pics don't show the selvedge line. B.
Anyone seen the movie "Last Vegas" or the preview? Morgan Freeman wearing a RRL shirt (blue with red stripes, throat latch on collar) from a couple of seasons back quite prominently. Shame about the jacket and hat!
Hey can you post a fit pic and a pic of the selvedge? I ordered a pair too but will be a while until they reach Australia via proxy.Thanks,B.
The Frontier Work Pant is described on the website as having a "a selvedge-cut coin pocket", but I suspect it's just a copy & paste typo, and that the pants aren't selvedge at all. There are a couple of other pants with that typo that I think aren't selvedge either. Can anyone confirm? Also hoping someone can confirm my earlier question if the Thompson Work Chino has visible selvedge outseam? Thanks, Brett.
Thanks!! The satin strip rules these out for me! Ah-ha, there it is in the website description: "Tonal soutache embroidery down the side of each leg"!!Not sure who that would appeal to?
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