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No, the selvedge is only visible inside the plackets and inside the back yoke, so you can't really see it except a glimpse inside the open collar. I wrote to them some time back asking them to consider adding selvedge gussets to their button-down shirts, but they didn't unfortunately. If they did that I'd buy every selvedge shirt they released.B.
Are these magazines issued in Japan or UK? Looks like they are sold as a bundle? Are they worth picking up?
Selvedge? The herringbone chinos aren't.
That #224 Selvedge Stripe Twill would have made a nice workshirt.
There's an ironic "Happy to help!" icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page on a desktop browser. Don't hold your breath though.So is my account & all previous emails to them now deleted on the new site?
Same with me. So many great fabric opportunities to explore...
I can confirm that they're dark brown, although it looks like they've had an olive overdye as the weft (including the selvedge ID) is olive. Oh & they're made in China.
Wait, they called a non-selvedge jacket the Selvedge Denim Jacket?
100% agreed!!
Hi, the DTBs are a light brown, camel color, so if you're looking for a real brown some of the others may be a better option. If however you're cool with that color then I highly recommend them: the DTB fabric has a really nice heft to it (I have a pair of RRL Slim Straights which use the same fabric) and are a great casual alternative to khaki chinos.
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