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Any chance of posting a pic of the work pants?B.
Fail RRL
Please post a pic of the non-selvedge outseam. I've not seen any non-selvedge RRL men's denim for a long time either. Are you sure it just isn't overdyed and therefore looks like it's not selvedge? B.
Hi, I'm looking to trade this shirt in a Small for a Medium. My Small (19.5" P2P) is BNWT and would consider a Medium same or in as-new condition. Thanks, Brett.
Aren't the lace holes meant to be black?
Those jeans you listed with the small tag on the back pocket? They're womens.
Yes they ship worldwide if you ring to place the order, but the shipping is quite high. Just a word of warning though - read through the last several hundred posts on this forum so you are fully informed of the risks before ordering.B.
They look very similar to the slim fit new black on black which can be had for $210 with the current sale.
The 740 Collins Ave. South Beach RL store has closed. OP can you update the front page? B.
The problem is: unless you go every day, you're going to be beaten by the resellers every time. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that I can occasionally pick up something from a reseller cheaper than mail order direct from RL, but at the same time I also miss the fact that I can occasionally find some bargains at outlets. I recently visited three outlets during a vacation to the USA (Orlando & NYC) and found the sales racks had been so picked over that there was nothing...
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