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100% agreed!!
Hi, the DTBs are a light brown, camel color, so if you're looking for a real brown some of the others may be a better option. If however you're cool with that color then I highly recommend them: the DTB fabric has a really nice heft to it (I have a pair of RRL Slim Straights which use the same fabric) and are a great casual alternative to khaki chinos.
@zissou wow
Got the moss herringbones yesterday. The color is completely different to the swatch on the product page (https://www.weargustin.com/store/1497); a bright green. I was expecting a tasteful olive/brown tint as per the swatch. I'm a huge fan of non-indigo selvedge jeans (as my Instagram account will attest), but I'm unsure how to wear these. I'd be interested to see some outfits with these. A workshirt in this material would be cool though.
Great thanks. Just to add to the rainbow here is the 10.8oz selvedge Clyde chino in Hamilton Brown from 2014:
Great pics Namor! Can you name the colors? There are some I don't recognise.
On the Aaron workshirt, I got this today & like it. It's a soft cotton/linen mix & the fading is quite tasteful. There's selvedge on the gussets (with chainstitch runoff), one placket and inside of both pockets.
Can you guys post some detail pics of your food tray shirt?
Thanks for the reviews @notwithit. I'm contemplating the Aaron workshirt but really difficult to visualise the fading. I agree, if RRL did more raw workshirts they would kill it. Note that all of the 10.8oz raw twill pants have a textured self-colored selvedge ID so it is more of a subtle selvedge than the contrasting white/red we normally see.
OT, but wow, D&S have a camo selvedge canvas jean: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=56776386 If you look past the abominable patch it's not a bad looking jean. Would be interesting to see the selvedge line. Edit: looks like a blue ID poking out from the coin pocket.
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