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That #224 Selvedge Stripe Twill would have made a nice workshirt.
There's an ironic "Happy to help!" icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page on a desktop browser. Don't hold your breath though.So is my account & all previous emails to them now deleted on the new site?
Same with me. So many great fabric opportunities to explore...
I can confirm that they're dark brown, although it looks like they've had an olive overdye as the weft (including the selvedge ID) is olive. Oh & they're made in China.
Wait, they called a non-selvedge jacket the Selvedge Denim Jacket?
100% agreed!!
Hi, the DTBs are a light brown, camel color, so if you're looking for a real brown some of the others may be a better option. If however you're cool with that color then I highly recommend them: the DTB fabric has a really nice heft to it (I have a pair of RRL Slim Straights which use the same fabric) and are a great casual alternative to khaki chinos.
@zissou wow
Got the moss herringbones yesterday. The color is completely different to the swatch on the product page (https://www.weargustin.com/store/1497); a bright green. I was expecting a tasteful olive/brown tint as per the swatch. I'm a huge fan of non-indigo selvedge jeans (as my Instagram account will attest), but I'm unsure how to wear these. I'd be interested to see some outfits with these. A workshirt in this material would be cool though.
Great thanks. Just to add to the rainbow here is the 10.8oz selvedge Clyde chino in Hamilton Brown from 2014:
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