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More workshirts please @joshgustin ?
Was there a winter lookbook made?
Actually, it will look something like this with the choice of diagonal pockets for this fabric (which I'm disappointed about):
Can you post a photo including the selvedge? I've got last season's dark brown slims & wonder if they're much different. Are they washed or raw?
I hope not.
Unfortunately they copy & paste that "selvedge coin pocket" phrase so it appears on almost every jeans listing regardless of whether they're selvedge or not. But in this case I think you're right & they may be selvedge.
They look great; I'm a huge fan of brown jeans. Interesting to see that the weft is a dark brown. I wonder if they're selvedge?
It's brown with a green tint, the weft is olive green: Oops, these are the dusty olive wash, not dusty brown. I think you were after the beige jeans , but your link no longer works.
Adding your workshirt gussets to a non-button collar shirt would be perfect & may cause me to spend unreasonable amounts of money.
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