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Disappointed that the workshirt today is another reissue. Can we see some of those new fabrics we suggested please Gustin
Yes it's fantastic to see a workshirt back but I think a new fabric might be better to judge demand rather than one that has been released twice(?) already, as some regular customer may already own this one.Having said that, I'd been waiting for this one to drop again & have backed it.
Hi @joshgustin, fantastic idea, I hope this will help put the workshirt back on your roadmap. I suspect many of your customers here already have a basic indigo workshirt and so are looking for some other varieties to fill out their collection. If you can offer some herringbone, jaspe, covert cloth, wabash or antique stripe fabrics (all selvedge if possible please), or some grey, brown or olive selvedge denim (think Japan Taupe or Raw Umber) for the workshirts, I predict...
Another +1 for more Gustin workshirts (with straight cut pockets please).
I agree 100%, their workshirts are fantastic and very underrated (the photos don't do them justice). Please bring them back soon or else I will have to start up a business filling that hole in the market!
That's a different jean isn't it? He was asking about the Japan Vintage 18s.
That Japan Khaki selvedge workshirt ( is on my wishlist. I've been checking every email for new selvedge workshirts, hoping I don't have to wait much longer.
I thought all Gustin chinos were pre-washed. Some raw chinos would be great.
Are you sure you're not thinking of the Black Tar jeans from a couple of season back with the yellow weft? Those were MIC & lightweight.
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