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Just bought these. Not sure about the toe style. Do you think it is too square?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa What the fuck is wrong with you? +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Grainer I just put the photos side by side and I am almost positive that the shirt you want is the madras that Bureau is selling, so you're in luck. http://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop...tury-bd-shirt/ £190 ?! Today that's US$308....
Quote: Originally Posted by Riio just an fyi, those straights on the last page, which i'm pretty sure are slimmer than authentics, are mine and i sized down one. they weren't that tight but they've stretched a little and they're comfortable now. Just to stop any further debate, here is the answer, taken directly from Gap's website: So for the indexbot, Authentics have a slimmer leg than the Straights, but the latter have a slightly...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Hey, 30 percent extra off final sale. I'm going to the store. Wow, it's amazing how online anything worth buying is gone within an hour of a sale being announced. B.
I'm a 31 in Flat Head and the 30 was just right in the raw skinny. Could possibly have struggled into a 29 & done some stretching....
Quote: Originally Posted by Coal_Mining_Polak If it's a cheaper option that you're wanting go with the Bass "Exeter," I got a pair cheap on ebay and I've had no problems at all with them after two summers of light/moderate wear. +1 got mine on sale for $41 in Berkeley. Available in 3 colors. Edit: Should also point out these AE versions on sale: http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product...ctId=3211_4664 B.
Here are my pair:
Quote: Originally Posted by SLAB Odin does ship to the EU, send them a email. (i know they charge 30$ shipping for a shirt) Nice profit margin on the shipping! B.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. burns well i don't want some somet-like castrating jeans. what kinda rise number are we talking about here? I'm a 31" true waist & bought a 30x32 MIJ slim mailorder from UK which measures 30.2" BIG style. I just went & measured the front rise and it is 9". Just look at the photo above. I can barely button the top two buttons without holding my breath as they don't sit on my waist but my hips. They are a very...
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