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Here you go, judge for yourself: http://craftworkwear.blogspot.com/20...nd-runnin.html And here's a worn black pair: http://blog.leffot.com/2009/12/17/better-with-age/
Quote: Originally Posted by YoPete525 Not denim, but related, kind of. How about this sucker: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do...d=1&pid=750128 Very nice. Their tab collared chambray is also back on the site, but in a more pale wash. http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do...d=1&pid=719572 B.
Yes shame the OP has deleted a very informative review & photos about some great boots. Highly recommended. B.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus My local Wal-mart has a "Robert watch" left in stock. They also have a few of the white face version, which I'll be picking up next month. Has anyone found the white face watch on eBay?
Kiya has tweeted that Uniqlo is opening in Union Square in San Francisco.
Measurements are critical to this thread. 1988/89 sizing is not 2010 sizing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert WHy would you do this? It's part of the design. It's based on old workwear designs. J. Crew isn't the only one to do the tab, either. If you didn't like this, why didn't you just get a regular chambray shirt? Agree 100%. That tab collar is what makes this shirt desirable. Everyone else is doing a slim chambray without the tab. Even J.Crew was making one until recently, I think it may still be available in...
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Would be nice to have brand/model with pics. Some of us aren't intimately familiar with some brands enough to i.d. them on sight. Just oiled and looking presentable after the salt and slush. Dr. Martens James boots, excel. Second winter (about 10 mos. real wear). I just bought my first jar of Obenauf's and before I slap it all over my boots I'm wondering if this stuff will rub off on the inside of my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll What are they? £60 ASOS work boots.
Just bought these. Not sure about the toe style. Do you think it is too square?
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