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Quote: Originally Posted by Foxtrot You could check out those new Lands' End Canvas boots. Can't personally attest to the quality, but LE stuff is usually serviceable. At any rate, they have an amazing return policy. http://canvas.landsend.com/ix/canvas...N-_-F-_-081310 These boots look good for $150, have not seen them posted/blogged yet: http://canvas.landsend.com/pp/Laceup...6&origin=index Unfortunately the photos are a weird...
Quote: Originally Posted by Branches Gap just came out with new "Tailored Khakis" including a slim fit http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do...scid=772341002 I saw in a UK magazine that GAP are selling a redline selvedge chino. Has anyone seen this in store or online? B.
Looks like Wolverine 1000 Mile boots on the Levi's model.
Gap Australia website is up. Melbourne in August (Chadstone) and Sydney in October (Westfield Pitt Street). I bet there will be no selvedge denim landing here. Will be interesting to see how the pricing measures against US pricing. Sadly Australia is one of the few countries not served by gap.com's new international shipping service; probably related to the franchise nature of the Australian Gap stores. B.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmarc i like this shoes Do u know what the brand is? Chronicles of Never http://definitivetouch.com/news/chro...eton-key-boot/
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch Nup, the one in Harbour Town is called THIS Store, although it is owned by the same people who run all the other THAT Stores. I have no idea why it has a different name from the rest. I wonder how good they are with the chain-stitching. Haha, now Sydney and Adelaide both have chain-stitching available~ THIS Store at Harbour Town is the outlet store of THAT Store. Clear? So is it the Paddington THAT...
Bought this shirt from an Amsterdam store last week:
Measurements on SEXI04?
For those of you in Sydney, Robby Ingham in Oxford Street, Paddington now stocks GBV shirts @ A$235. B.
Can you check APC NS waist? Size 28 should be 30" brand new??
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