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Quote: Originally Posted by nobopyon I'm thinking to get this RRL black denim. seller answered me this one isn't marked as selvedge denim, however, he told me "When we got in the black ones, one pair were marked selvedge and had the new RRL price tag that was introduced in the fall and they have the exact same style number and price and they are selvedge." He also sent me inside seam of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Tried searching through this thread, and the one answer I found was "not much" to a related question. But I think the poster was talking about waist shrink. Will the RRL's in lightly distressed low straight shrink at all in the inseam? No
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude are these single rinse/washed or raw? selvedge? unfortunately the seller doesnt accept questions... but great price if they are raw selvage! I would guess these are women's. Look how low the rise is (compared to the Context pic); I doubt there is any room for any baggage at the front there. B.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude yeah i realized as i was typing telling him to just proxy it, that i could easily do it haha the more the merrier for this contest!!! Very cool of you to do that. Living in AU means I too often miss out on auctions due to sellers not wanting the hassle of filling in a customs form. B.
Quote: Originally Posted by King Leer Slim boots are tapered though with a drastic flare in the last 3-4 inches on the bottom. I've never heard anyone describe the slim bootcuts as having a drastic flare before. Mine are virtually straight from the knee down. If you're used to heavily tapered jeans then they may seem drastic but the bootcut is very subtle. B.
Thanks blazingazn for the pics. Would the sizing on these be comparable to the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, which also seems to be about 1 size large? Thanks.
Do the W+H version also have the Dayton stamp on the outside?
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow Tried on the shirt in a regular fit xs. The cut is actually pretty slim, narrow shoulder and slim arms. Maybe a slim xs would be even better but they didn't have it in store. That's not the same shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by s3lam Now beat that J Crew =) Agreed. Nice pickups.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dave_SFU I was at the Soho RRL shop on Friday and was told the Selvedge Officer Chinos are sold out company-wide in sz 28 through 31 Damn, passed up two size 34s (not my size) at 75% off at an outlet a month back. Would have been under $50 each. B.
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