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Can you check APC NS waist? Size 28 should be 30" brand new??
They look great. I'd love to see the soles. Are they the brown? The look almost cherry in those photos, very different to my untreated brown pair. B.
That's embarrassing for Gitman if it is the same fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by thomasec Would the 1000 Mile boots work with a pair of slim-straight jeans, like the Skull 5010XX's? Of course, as long as they're not too sized down. The tops of the boots are quite fitted. These look slim straight but you may not want to roll up as high:
More reductions and open to offers. These are sadly too small for me so I can't wear them.
Further reductions. Unique & high quality stuff you won't see on the street.
Reductions on all three items.
Quick introduction - Aika Jeans was Australia's best workwear store, a joint venture between a local trader and a Japanese manufacturer. Aside from Red Wings & a few other Japanese labels, most of the stock in the store was the Aika Jeans store brand, designed and made in Japan to a very high level of quality material and workmanship. Unfortunately with Australia's (hot) climate, general lack of interest in workwear & high price point, the company eventually failed after...
The latest NDG season seems to be made in China, no more Japanese mfg?
Quote: Originally Posted by Motorsport226 Does anyone own the brown boot? If so, does it have as much of a cherry hint to it as it does on the Wolverine site? Thanks! -226 No, it has no cherry at all (so to speak). B.
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