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The Frontier Work Pant is described on the website as having a "a selvedge-cut coin pocket", but I suspect it's just a copy & paste typo, and that the pants aren't selvedge at all. There are a couple of other pants with that typo that I think aren't selvedge either. Can anyone confirm? Also hoping someone can confirm my earlier question if the Thompson Work Chino has visible selvedge outseam? Thanks, Brett.
Thanks!! The satin strip rules these out for me! Ah-ha, there it is in the website description: "Tonal soutache embroidery down the side of each leg"!!Not sure who that would appeal to?
Has anyone seen the Hiatt Western Slim-Fit Jean or the Thompson Work chino in person? Both claim to be selvedge on the website. Do they have visible outseam selvedge? ID colour? Any photos would be appreciated. Thanks.
This looks like the non-selvedge version.
+1Lose the patch & would be perfect. Why feel the need to promote some non-existent club?B.
Nice to see that there are a few new selvedge shirts this season. Kudos to RRL. Why do they hide the gussets in their website photos though?? B.
I am wondering out loud if the first pair are the first gen of buckle-backs using Japanese denim, and the others the second gen using USA denim? May have changed the cut as well.
FYI that linked shirt is not selvedge, despite what the website says.
I tried on the first gen yesterday. The cut, while not baggy, is certainly relaxed by modern standards, and the high rise and 9" hem (on a size 30) are not going to suit everyone. Having said that, the details and denim are great.B.
And just because this thread needs more pics (& I have a Gogo wifi pass for this flight I'm on), here's a photo of the current season 10.8oz raw selvedge chinos...
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