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I bought the blacks in NYC a couple of years ago in 30x32 but they never fit me so PM me if they're your size as they're NWT.
Great collection & nice pics @Sym. I can think of a few more: the Cassidy Brown Clydes (dark brown, see https://www.lyst.com.au/clothing/rrl-selvedge-clyde-trouser-cassidy-brown/), the "Black" sulphur-dyed Officer's Chino (which looks gunmetal grey & also issued in a Clyde cut) plus the herringbone olive/green Officer's Chino (non-selvedge).I also believe there has been two indigo Clydes: a 10.8 oz rigid twill & a lighter weight twill with red/white selvedge a few seasons...
"We don't ship outside of North America." It's disappointing that there are still retailers who don't ship globally.
My ultimate workshirt would be the #257 Japan Organic Jute fabric (https://www.weargustin.com/store/2397) with tonal stitching.
Agreed & price is perfect. If I hadn't bought the Japan Black workshirt from the stock store a few months back I wouldn't hesitate on this. Mine is 13oz & would love to see this 16oz workshirt!
Disappointed that the workshirt today is another reissue. Can we see some of those new fabrics we suggested please Gustin
Yes it's fantastic to see a workshirt back but I think a new fabric might be better to judge demand rather than one that has been released twice(?) already, as some regular customer may already own this one.Having said that, I'd been waiting for this one to drop again & have backed it.
Hi @joshgustin, fantastic idea, I hope this will help put the workshirt back on your roadmap. I suspect many of your customers here already have a basic indigo workshirt and so are looking for some other varieties to fill out their collection. If you can offer some herringbone, jaspe, covert cloth, wabash or antique stripe fabrics (all selvedge if possible please), or some grey, brown or olive selvedge denim (think Japan Taupe or Raw Umber) for the workshirts, I predict...
Another +1 for more Gustin workshirts (with straight cut pockets please).
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