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Disappointed to see Ralph have suddenly closed their Australia/NZ online store.
No idea but fade pics?
Is this the $490 pair ('s a lot of cash for cotton pants. Are they made in China?
+1So many great fabrics, so few workshirts.
Agree 100% on spreading them out regularly & offering some new fabrics. I'll also add that the Organic Jute fabric would make a jaw-dropping workshirt.
The difference is that Taylor Stitch's ISC shirt is raw while Gustin's ISC chinos are washed, so minimal bleeding from the latter (I haven't noticed any).
The stronger US Dollar is also translating into a 50% price rise for many non-US customers like me.
Good choices @notwithit, there are also some nice striped selvedge twills on there. Looks like the last three workshirts have all funded quickly so time for some more to be dropped.
I bought the blacks in NYC a couple of years ago in 30x32 but they never fit me so PM me if they're your size as they're NWT.
Great collection & nice pics @Sym. I can think of a few more: the Cassidy Brown Clydes (dark brown, see, the "Black" sulphur-dyed Officer's Chino (which looks gunmetal grey & also issued in a Clyde cut) plus the herringbone olive/green Officer's Chino (non-selvedge).I also believe there has been two indigo Clydes: a 10.8 oz rigid twill & a lighter weight twill with red/white selvedge a few seasons...
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