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So, thoughts on the three workshirts released today? Love the new fabrics. Love the design and details, especially the selvedge gussets and chainstitch runoff. The only detail I'm not crazy about is the slanted front pockets on the hickory stripe shirt; I queried this on IG & they confirmed that all striped shirts would have slanted fabric on the pockets. To me it is distracting and impacts the overall look. I understand there is more labour involved in making a shirt...
Loving the workshirt samples on Instagram. Gustin I think you've nailed the design.
Pic? Those selvedge dot shirts have self-colored selvedge IDs right?
Sorry I missed where this was announced? Can you provide a link? Thanks.
Which ones are you talking about?
The selvedge canvas Clydes sound amazing, "a deadstock trouser made with tough-as-nails 13 oz. Japanese selvedge piece-dyed cotton canvas". Good also to see a couple of new selvedge shirts, including a 9.5 oz Japanese selvedge twill shirt!
Any comments or pics of the RRL jeans? Keen to see pics of the selvedge lines of the ltd editions.
Hi, I got them in a 31, but had to ring a store to buy them. Not sure what other odd sizes they made, guessing 29 and 33 as well.B.
I've had a few PMs with Gustin on this topic, but I'd thought I'd throw it out here to see if there's any support. Gustin have some awesome shirting fabric, but I wish the shirts had selvedge gussets to make the selvedge more visible when worn; it's a shame to have such amazing selvedge lines but not have them visible. The current oxford design feels more like a dress shirt designed to be tucked in, rather than a casual shirt. Gustin, please consider offering shirts with...
Yes you're right, photos taken indoors at night so white balance is off (see price tag). How is this?
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