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Some up-close photos of the grey or olive would be great, especially of the selvedge line.
I bought & returned them last time as the color looks nothing like the photos. They are a pale, almost Kermit green. Others have reported them settling down slightly after some washes, but even for someone who likes green jeans, they were too much for me.I ended up getting the indigo herringbones instead, which despite being an almost royal indigo color, are far more subtle than the moss.
Would love to see a photo.
Some cool indigo-dyed shirts in various washes and patterns have just landed in Sydney, Australia for $A55. Not sure if they drop simultaneously in other countries or not.
I backed it, I think it will look amazing made up & have been wanting a brown selvedge workshirt for some time (Samurai did one in persimmon some time back but it's long gone).Yes agree it's more expensive than it should have been, and I too was hesitant at $185. I know workshirt labour is more costly than jeans but most people don't appreciate that fact. If it dropped at $100 or even $120 would fund quickly. So fantastic shirt, just a bit too pricey for a lightweight...
Don't you have like three other options in NYC alone? Some of us have no stores or even online ordering options any more.
I wish they did offer the ISC chinos raw rather than washed.
That's disappointing, I wonder why. Some raw denim chinos look amazing.
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