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Caruso sports coat. Silk/linen mix. 42L   3 roll 2 Side vents Soft shoulders Flapped pockets Unaltered with non-functional cuffs Chocolate brown colour Soft, chalky hand   Worn infrequently. £125 shipped worldwide              
For sale is a mint condition RLPL jacket. Size 42L   Grey POW with an almost indistinguishable purple overcheck. Unaltered from new and worn only a few times.    50% cashmere 50% wool. Measurements on request. £249 shipped worldwide.   Side vents Working cuffs Savile model Smoked MOP buttons Handsewn buttonholes             
 They fit between a 10.5 and 11UK. I usually wear an 11UK in all C&J lasts and they do fit me with standard thin Pantherella socks.   Soles applied after some use, but theres still plenty of life in the original soles underneath. 
Iconic penny loafers made for RL by C&J.   Cordovan leather. 11D US   Great condition, rubber topy soles over the original double leather soles.    £199 £189 shipped worldwide   Retails at something like £700          
There are still several ties to be had in the sale section of our website.      Buying three ties will get you free worldwide shipping.   Shop here              
It's lightweight, super soft. Can make it as you like, sure
I'll create preorders for these shortly before they go into production. If there is a particular one you like I can create it now for you. 
I've had really good experiences with Luca Avitabale. Not sure where the negativity comes from. He's happy to answer my annoying questions, tell me no when I ask for a particularly drastic collar style or try to get the shirt slimmed down too much. And is happy to take the shirt back as many times until fit is perfect.
Brand new in bag Scott & Charters shawl collar cardigan.   Leather buttons, two front pockets. Made by hand in Scotland.   Iconic design.   Navy size 44". Somewhere between TTS and slightly larger, depending on how you like it to fit.   £175 shipped worldwide or best offer
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