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Fifteen years later still taking good care of my Jil Puma's. $325 back in Fall '02. I've got white on white, brown on red, black on gray, black on white, and white on orange. I kick myself for not getting the python skin ones when I had the chance. The original... and still the best... designer collaboration.
July is a little busy... so August is better. But weekdays July (especially Tues/Wed) are an option. GT Fish and Oyster is kinda fun (especially for Happy Hour)
Did this one ever happen? I might be down for a meetup if one materialized in August/September.
Damir Doma?
Haven't posted in a while; these days I'm using a spring/summer canvas tote from Calvin Klein Collection. I like that it's simple, minimal, but very sturdy (the canvas is reinforced with leather trim. CK Collection continues to be one of my favorites; I'm curious to see what happens with the brand as they hire new creative directors.
Vintage Chanel PM is lovely, of course. I still think the current is okay, but I agree the older is better. You can also try the vintage Tiffany for men, which is a very, very close sibling (same nose). Today I did some old Chanel CdR... stunk up the whole place in true Rach style.
Agreed. As well as Malle Portrait of a Lady.
I wish the best for his family and friends. Thanks again, Spoo.
Le parfum de Therese today. I'd wear this almost exclusively if it weren't so damn $$$.
A tragedy; great effort from you, Spoo.
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