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Oh yeah, it's bad. But as a rockstar scent, I was surprised that it took some real chances. Then again so did the Khmer Rouge, FWIW.
Haha. My first real "LOL" of the day. I did own a bottle of KISS HIM for a few days . I even did a basenotes review of which I'm still proud.
Marc Jacobzzzz.
Always a good choice. That's one of the few (along with Helmut Lang EdP and EdC and TDC Rose Poivree) that I've long since used but wish I still had in abundant supply.SOTD: MJ Men. It's definitely an "under the radar" scent, both in how many people wear it and how it wears. Some fig, some woody stuff at the base, and some coconunt-ish sweetness at the top. For a designer scent, it's not bad (it reminds me a lot of MJ's men's fashion, actually... well made but not...
^I loved Parfum D'hermes! Isn't Rouge related to it? SOTD: Pasha de Cartier. Another that I found in one of my boxes from Japan of winter stuff I'd not unpacked. Found it along with two old bottles of Monsieur Givenchy, Marc Jacobs Men, and a half-ounce parfum bottle of Coco. Pasha is a nice "gentlemanly" scent... but nothing stellar. Descrips usually read "Mint/lavender/sandalwood" and that's pretty much it. Some patchouli for kick. It FEELS like a much older...
Unfortunately no experience with La Portagena! I've heard of the brand and I seem to recall seeing some pieces on YOOX a while back, but never saw any up close or in person. In other news, SAINT LAURENT continues to disappoint. Two new bags from their current collection available at MrPORTER. Each is over $1500. Looks like something you'd get at American Apparel for $40.
I'd say probably (2) the classic shopper and (4) the vertical pocket tote. The former is a little more casual while the latter could easily be used for school/work. You could also easily blend (2)/(3) (classic shopper but with some infusion of the horizontal shopper/picnic bag) and (1)/(4) (rectangular top-zip with some added functionality and pockets) to make a very versatile hybrid.The main thing you DON'T want to do (in my opinion) is try to put everything "into one...
Interesting pics and opinions! I agree with Roman that you might not get new customers with oxblood you already wouldn't get with brown. With green or gray, though, you might. So, I think for new colors I'd agree oxblood could wait (even though it would make a good looking bag). As for totes, organizing what we have said above, you have four basic categories (ignore the particulars/colors... just the overall style). Of course, there are endless variations depending on...
When you are ready, do a Poal. Then you'll get not only the vocal chatty kathys like us, but also the non-vocal buyers, too.
Brand:RL Polo (made in England) Model: I believe they are the HENLEY, but I'm no RL expert (please update me if I'm wrong) Size: 9.5D Condition: In good shape but with a little wear as per pictures. Details: No dustbag/box.
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