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Nobody wearing any Halloween scents tonight? I'm thinking of something good and dark, maybe something with copious immortelle (Dior Eau Noire, Goutal Sables) would be a good H-ween scent. Caron L'anarchiste has that copper-y "blood" note many find (which I personally dont' think is there, but purely psychological). That might be a good one though.
I received a decant of Sisley Eau d'ikar last week and am giving it another spin today. I quite like the opening and middle... but it's fleeting on my skin and ends not with a bang... but a whimper. Definitely worth a sniff if you are near a sample... but I don't know that I'd rush out and get a full bottle. I have to give it a few more tries (and save a bit to try in different seasons) though, because I can tell at first sniff it's one I really WANT to like. Anybody...
Me too. I had one of the first big batches on a basenotes buy-in many moons ago (I think I ended up with 100-150 mls of it). Not really one on my "patchouli list" but still a unique and wonderful scent experience.
Haha. Don't be surprised if s(he) asks you if you've been hanging out next to a wood stove all day. Always a good choice. Did you ever give Timbuktu or the original (pre-reform) Antaeus a spritz? Another weird dry/woody/desert fragrance to try might be Lutens Miel de bois.
Good idea. Think I'll join you.
Chanel PM was my first "real" fragrance as well. I loved it and still do. The PM Concentree followed, and I like it as well (though many don't). These days I keep the original Tiffany for Men on hand (which is similar and also by the same 'nose'), but both are lovely chypres worth a wear at any time.In my old(er) age I like funkier/stinkier juice so it doesn't get the play it did back then, but it still is great for a meeting or a nostalgic "dip into the imaginary" (as...
I've had 4-5 white bags over the years... and while in THEORY they are great, they look ugly really fast (unless you like a scuffed, ugly white bag). They will always show marks, dirt, and scuffs (unless they are so heavily treated to avoid them, which makes them look cheap). I don't know why, but distressed colors look okay with the right style... but to me a distressed white bag just looks old/used.I would only have a white bag as a "special" rare occasion bag,...
Unfortunately there aren't hard/fast rules on this like there are with suits/shoes. You'll see lots of very beautiful browns paired with a black bag, which I find ICK. Black/black and brown/brown are of course okay, but really I find the versatility of a black bag very limited.The majority of my daily use bags are gray, with a few in navy. Either color goes with black. Either color goes with browns. Like a charcoal or navy suit... a bag in gray/navy goes with everything.
^We've discussed them a few times in the past; they are very nice bags for the Japanese domestic market. Not sure how much I'd want to pay a giant markup for them after taxes/proxy/shipping/yen conversion... but if you are in (or planning a trip to) Japan I'd say definitely take a look. Others will hopefully chime in with their experiences.
The thing with a black laptop sleeve is that they ALL look the same. There is virtually no variation except in the details. The Hermes one looks just like the Linjer, if you see it from more than four feet away. Then again, so does a Kenneth Cole or CK one. So, one guess why they put the little stamp logo on there is simply for the sake of distinguishing it from every other one out there.The briefcase, messenger, or portfolio are sufficiently complex enough to have...
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