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"...though given my especially narrow esophagus it may also be necessary for the waiter to chew the food first before delivering it to my mouth. I shall bring a hose."
I agree with some other posters that it's not a fruitful discussion for THIS thread, but in general I'd say that (1) these are proprietary formulas... Coke doesn't publish its forumula, nor does a fragrance house that's just finished spending five years and $20mil on a new frag and (2) if a fragrance did publish it (and they may publish or file some form of it with IFRA, which maybe online in a "safety sheet" sort of thing, I dunno... virtually nobody would understand...
Oh, dear, IFRA is the biggest nanny-state in teh world. Thanks to them, virtually all of the great frags of history have been mercilessly gutted because somebody somewhere MAY have an allergy that might give his/her nose a tingle. The list of banned notes, essences, etc. grows year by year. While of course I don't want them putting radioactive Cesium into my fragrances, on the other hand I think they go WAY overboard sometimes. For example, they've pretty much assured...
No, that was Dylan Thomas.
It sounds better when done in quatrains, but yeah... that's about right.
Nobody lists the recipe for their juice any more than Col. sanders gives his "secret blend" of herbs and spices. All of them say "fragrance."As for carcinogens, you know, at some point you decide how to live your life. No red meat, no wine or alcohol, no smoking, no trans fats, no saturated fats, no sugars, no carbs, no perfumes, no chocolate, no flying, no cell phones, no running, put on a helmet!, no allergens... stay inside your bubble and live to be 125 miserable,...
Petrarch wrote sonnets about it.
It's okay. I'll loan you a Bedat. Not as good, but the queenz won't know. in any case, watch or no, you're welcome to be my wing man at any time. We'll have to travel to a gay bar, though, as my home town is in a dry county. If there ain't no beer, there ain't no queer.
It only becomes bad if you match it with a nylon vest that has some sort of bear and/or mascot on the back of indeterminable origin (saw a strange one the other day at the crosswalk that looked like Orco crossed with Chester the Cheetah.
It was the Panda IWC, girlfriend. Sorry to break it to you, especially since you probably sold it already.
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