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This week is a bit of indulgence and a trip into fashion’s history with two of the biggest names of Couture: Azzaro and Lagerfeld. Alongside the small artisanal Japanese brands, the Italian tailors, and the leather companies were these two names at Pitti83, back with licensed mid-priced lines, and I had a chance to check them out. Azzaro: in fashion history, Azzaro stands as one of the great couturiers, famous for his extravagant playfulness and innovative design, a...
Bmca, the pictures came from ones the SF team snapped at the Pitti Uomo show in Florence in January. MISMO had a booth there of its collections we were able to review.
I haven't tried any new Kouros, so I'm not sure! As for RG, it was completely changed in 2003 under Gucci Group... not just reformulated. The bottle is the same, but the juice is really quite different. Whether it is worth it just depends on how much it costs to find it... the current one is still fun, so if it were $20 but vintage was $150, i'd just go with new. If new is $40 and the vintage $50, then get the vintage.
Okay, all this YSL chat will make me break out some old-school YSL RG (the one in the blue aluminum can!): aldehydes, jasmine, green leaves, and chrome.
See, not only did you smell great, but you performed a valuable public service!
Hey fellas! You may have noticed, but I've been featuring a number of bag companies recently on the site's main page and in SW&D. Take a look! Covered MISMO this time and WANT Les Essentiels last time, which several of you have asked about before. Will also be covering a few more premium makers (meaning $$$ but absolutely superlative) in the next few weeks, including my ultimate favorite from pitti, the Danish maker GRAAE.
MISMO: Great quality and classic styles from Denmark Ten years ago men had few options for excellent leather bags, but thankfully these days it's possible to find a wide range of designers looking to make excellent products for a variety of aesthetic tastes. I’ve tried to feature some of those over the past few months, and one of my favorites was the Danish maker MISMO. While a brand like Daniel & Bob features a soft, relaxed Italian feel, and WANT Les Essentiels a more...
Who wears Kouros in the cold???? Anyway, it's one of the true greats of male parfumery; puts hair on your chest! But, for the faint of heart, I DID recommend as a better alternative Orange Spice, which is a friendlier orange-ier Kouros with Creed's house notes. Other than Ambre Canelle, Cypres Musc, and Bois de Santal, Creed doesn't make anything decidedly foul (in a good way)
You need acerbic yet fresh.I don't know if they've reformulated it, but I always liked the old Barney's Route du the, which was foul and fresh. If you've gotten lots of pricey commissions this year, go for Malle Bigarade concentree or Cartier Declaration. You might also give the original Kouros a spin this summer or, better yet, Creed Orange Spice.All stink to high heaven at first, but you just have to trust me. Some others to try might be TDC Sel de vetiver (dopey is a...
Are those the ones only available at the boutiques? I tried the ones several years back that were 30mls and priced at about a bajillion euros (opoponax, oeillet, etc). They were fair but not for that kind of scratch. Are the ones you mentioned a new line?
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