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Haven't had a chance to chime in, but I like the weekender. I'll leave it to you guys to hash out the color stuff, but in terms of structure and size, it's pretty good. As I've said before, you want nothing less than 45cm, nothing more than 55 in terms of length. Otherwise, it's like a purse OR a giant suitcase. Style-wise, I think it fits nicely into the Linjer aesthetic. Looking forward to seeing a prototype!
Good luck with it! As you have time, it would be interesting to discuss your goals for it and what kind of readership you want. Right now, a lot of the bags you have information about aren't really the type "bag fans" want (Kenneth Cole, for example).
Yep, Maier is one of the very good designers who consistently puts out a nice, wearable collection. Pricey, yes, but BV quality has stayed pretty consistent IMHO and the styles are timeless. Italo Zucchelli at CK Collection is one of the few "under the radar" designers who puts out nice stuff without having to resort to gimmicks for free press.
Which ones? They have a committed men's line putting out 15-20 styles every season. I assume you mean the "intrecciato" woven bags? They also do a very nice coated calfskin (used to be called "marco polo") and some really great exotic hides.Tomas Maier, the BV designer, also does a nice eponymous collection that is a little more affordable, though of course nothing is woven in it.
Interesting idea! BUT, one issue you might face is that most customers neither need, care about, or have the requisite knowledge to use such a database. As such, ultimately utility and traffic might end up less than you anticipate. It will also be important to keep the database current, because bag makers switch factories and license holders all the time. This shouldn't dissuade you from the project, of course, but just be prepared that it might be a lot of work without...
You're welcome!Re: MJ.... unfortunately "full grain leather" can mean a lot of things and there are MANY grades involved; as well a lot of retail outlets are quite liberal in how they define the term, or just outright make stuff up. There are all kinds of practices they use to confuse buyers... "imported" in the "made in" equals China/Vietnam/Asia without having to say so (as opposed to when they happily write "Made in Italy.") "Vegan leather" or "leatherette" just means...
Absolutely. Are there some basic strategies one can employ in order not to make really bad purchases? Sure. But, as you said, there is no real secret society; a good bag in a classic design will cost some money.I think users here tend to have a skewed version of "great buys;" anyone consistently looking at/searching for luxe goods will have that ONE story of finding something amazing at an amazing price. I've had it a few times in 10-15 years. But, 90% of the time I...
M by MJ is a diffusion/second line, priced 1/3 of the main line (which is made in Italy and a top-tier runway brand to compare with Prada, Dior, etc.) My experience with the brand is that the styles are decent and the quality isn't BAD, but there are lots of cut corners in manufacture, materials, hardware, etc. Made in China, so-so leathers, relatively cheap hardware, lots of glue.I've received my first order of LInjer stuff (another coming in the mail)... and am further...
It may be on here somewhere, or even maybe I recommended it a while back... but Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow" is a great read. I would also recommend Dehaene's "Reading in the Brain" and Christakis and Fowler's "Connected." For something more fun, try anything by Norman Lewis (especially "Voices of the Old Sea")
It's typical on a large thread that there will be peaks and valleys; I think things will definitely get moving again after the next batch gets shipped out. Looking forward to getting my goods as well; can't wait!
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