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Traded in my old one for a new one. This is my fourth... an Xj6, Xj8, Xf, and now an XE. I don't drive that much, and my husband put the Kibosh on a '17 XJ. (haha) I like the new ones... but I miss the old cigars. The new Jags are nothing like the old ones... many would rejoice, but I miss the smoothness, quirkiness, and sheer feel. I don't miss the repair bills, though.
Some nice ones today; good job fellas. CoSTUME NATIONAL Scent for me today; I still go back to this one even though it is unusual in my wardrobe. Sweet, synthetic (intentionally), and nice... it also has that weird futuristic vibe consistent with Cappasa's fashion. When I need something that won't offend, but still doesn't feel like a cop out... I reach for it. Though, for the record, I hate the bottle design. Perhaps intentionally? (Cappasa is that weird)... it's...
+1. Those popular, "it" bags from major designers aren't really going to be found with much discount. Seasonal runway stuff will go on sale before the new stuff arrives, but the standards won't.
He'll be in creative control of the whole company; it'll be interesting to see how he unifies everything together. Ulrich Grimm (sp?) was the old creative director of accessories at CK Collection and I think he did a great job... though admittedly he kept the minimal aesthetic each season without having an "IT" bag (which the bean counters would want).I continue to respect Raf's work for other designers, but admittedly I have found myself purchasing very, very few of the...
Those are just frame/zipper companies. Not sure of the bag maker. Looks like a fairly standard black vege-tanned bovine leather, though. Probably not a hidden gem, but still maybe a decent bag for your own use.
PIcked this up last fall but never wore it; it's got all the tags still attached. Thought I'd see if anybody might want it. It's a great jacket... I've just got a padded Belstaff that I know I'll use more. $160 shipped in the USA. Retail on the tags is $460. Size is a Baracuta 46, but runs small. Same as this one: http://www.bbclothing.co.uk/en-gb/baracuta-g9-olive-green-padded-waxed-harrington-jacket-aw15brmow01566002.html
These days I'm really enjoying Brickstone APA.
They will. The charges are different, but they will still tailor most items unless it is something extreme (like fully recutting a tailored jacket). For a shirt, it's fine. Darts or tapering would probably be $25-40, depending on need. And if you have an established salesperson at the store and/or a Nordstrom card, they'll work with you and figure out how to make it happen.
Bally Scribe "Abel" Specs. Dark brown over canvas. I have far too much fun in these.
Nordstrom also has excellent tailors and can do shirts; I take pretty much everything there.
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