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We should start some "challenges" to try unexpected scents. For example, I challenge to try Shalimar, or Mitsouko. What others do you challenge to try?
Brickstone APA... my new favorite "go to" evening yummy beer.
IT's been ages since I wore Shalimar EdT, so today I pulled out my gold recharge bottle. The standard, easily available one. Even in this form it's incredible. I defy anybody to try this one without the "old lady" psychological association and think it's overly feminine. If you wear Tom Ford's "darker" stuff, I say just try it.
Jo Malone Black Cedarwood & Juniper today. Nice, spicy, and well blended. Not a masterpiece; like so many newer scents they are "good," but not the superlative experiences of the great noses. Worth a small bottle.
I'd put it closer to CdR than Bandit, in that it is a stinky leather chypre that is very, very seamless. It's by Paul Vacher, who also did Miss Dior... and I see the common trend between the two as a perfectly blended combo of animalic and floral notes.Bandit I find to have a clash of elements to create something surprising/shocking... which Diorling doesn't have.Now that we're talking about it, I think I'll wear CdR on my left and Diorling on my write for a...
I'm so out of the loop these days I have no idea what's the difference between Mancera and Montale. Did Pierre sell out? Change his name? Or is it an entirely different company? Has no bearing on this juice... which is a great deal. Just curious.SOTD is DIORLING today. Leather chypre... imagine Knize ten blended seamlessly with Chanel no. 5.
Just curious if anybody has sampled D&B's goods in recent months?
^You're really doing beautiful work; thanks for posting! I'd like to see a tote (or something a little less structured), just to round out your catalogue!
Cab driver eats an orange! (the best descrip I've read of Bigarade). I still think his work at TDC is some of his best. Bois d'iris is really superlative, and though much more "quiet," Osmanthus as well.DZING! for me today.
Interesting additions over the years.That's a nice list. Especially the Villoresi... there are several from his line I'd add, from Sandalo to Piper Nigrum.I'm always curious, from these lovely niche lists, how many users have sampled the old classics in their best form... the Shalimar extraits, the Vol de Nuits, Cuir de Russie Parfum, etc. They take some legwork (basically going to a Chanel flagship or Guerlain store)... but most are still detectable even in...
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