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Never tried it or heard of it! Neat. I remember having Tova Borgnine... a scent made by Ernest's wife. It really wasn't bad, believe it or not.SOTD Diorella.
+1. We have had many discussions about the market of scent. My favorite story to share is how Cuiron was $20 for a 3.4 virtually everywhere until as late as 2008 or 2009. Everybody hated it except for a few select lovers... until it was discontinued. Now everybody cries about it like the passion of the X. (Easter blasphemy!)
That's too bad. The good ole days. At one time Andy Tauer put stuff in 100ml EdPs for like $50. not anymore! lolI had Greyland back in the day. Is it still in production? I liked it, but it's not so versatile. It's sort of Chanel PM meets A McQ Kingdom. Sultry, but with a gentlemanly kick. Sort of like what Serge Gainsbourg might smell like after hiking the Sahara. I remember wearing it once when shopping for a car back in like 2005-2006. I got a great offer, but I...
PH is not a BAD scent, by any means. If I had a sample of it, I'd probably wear it happily at this time of year. So, I'd say pull it out and give 'er a spritz.(1) It's just that with discontinued scents, my experience is that nostalgia and their current market price grossly overinflate what they are (or were when new). Given how much it costs and how "rare" it is, people seem to think it must be truly amazing and would probably buy a sample of it before they'd buy the...
My experience with PH is ancient history... and I recall it did nothing for me. It reminded me of Coriolan, which (at the time) was available for pennies and had a nicer, earthier kick.If you want Chamade, you have to go with the original, which is what I was wearing above. The PH fetches high prices because it's discontinued, but it was something of a flop when it came out in the 1990's and, like me, I think most people said, "why bother?" and "meh." Some things you...
70 degrees, sunny with a light breeze. FINALLY time for some Chamade (parfum). Doubt she's made an appearance on this thread in a long time. If you smell it on a strip, I guarantee you gents will think it a scary floral feminine one... but try it on your skin. It's amazing, soft, subtle, and warm for spring and fall.
Just wanted to bump the thread. After seeing some absolutely beautiful rucksacks in Hermes' SS13 collection (price more than a good used Prius), I'm thinking of commissioning Bea again for a custom bag made to my specs. Anybody in the market for a superlative bag in the $3-5k range with the time/interest/willingness to go bespoke should contact her and chat. My bespoke tote is holding up very well and even better now broken in than when new. I simply can't imagine why...
Me too. It's tough to get any leather Hermes bag for less than $5000, so my initial hunch on pricing would be $8-11k.That's just a guess, though, so I hope anybody who has definitive info will chime in.
Absolutely gorgeous SS13 rucksacks from Hermes. The good news? Finally a rucksack/backpack that is superlative, beautiful, functional, and will last long enough to pass on to your grandchildren. The bad news? It will cost more than their first car. (sorry if they've been posted already; I've not had a chance to read the thread in a while)
Please enclose a pic of the inside label. Is it Calvin Klein Collection (made in Italy) or regular Calvin Klein? CK line? They are all different. From the luggage tag in the first pic, it looks more like CK Calvin Klein. THANKS!
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