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Nah, I just had the vintage parfum and the EdC. The Exclusifs is okay, but it felt really light and fleeting. The vintage stuff has a really punchy creamy incense that balanced it for me in a way I'd not expected. I didn't get that as much in the Exclusifs, but instead just the creamy softness.I lose my place on SF often for liking the reformulated Chanel PM... so we can hold hands.
A good oldie, though I must admit I didn't love it near as much as I'd hoped. The long cylindrical bottle by Patou? I had 2-3 bottles in my day... including a 100 ml bottle that was big and thick as a Roman Candle. Here's a pic of Yohji's Tokyo house and black Rolls... just because it's awesome.I had a series of ridiculous, dumb, mind draining department meetings today in advance of the new semester and so I absolutely drenched myself in n22. It was sweet, creamy, and...
Moustache is nice, but quite dated. I love it, of course, but still it's not going to win you fans at work or among friends. Found this one in a box that I'd not opened from Japan. Forgot I had it. It's not that great, hence why it was discontinued. But still worth a sniff.
Pretty clearly a Ck (Calvin Klein diffusion line) logo bag. I'd advise against it. bad quality, garish logo-ing, and all around man-bag nightmare. Run. Run like the wind. One out of three Southeast Asian fashion victims visiting a duty free store will have this bag.The only Calvin Klein worth your time or $$$ is Calvin Klein Collection by Italo Zucchelli... and even that one can sometimes be iffy.The Keith Haring in the background, even as bad as THAT is, still is much...
Using a simple, no nonsense Costume National messenger these days. It's very dark green washed nappa, not quite black standard calf, as is CN's wont. That's what I like about the brand... they do tiny tweaks on standard, minimal classics. It's been washed to give it a soft, subtle feel. I've had this one for years... I think it was from AW2008, but CN has produced it over multiple seasons.
Very nice. I appreciate that one more and more when I wear it (in hot weather.) It's really quite unique and complex, beneath its "low rent" exterior.
Ah, Creed. I miss my Aubepine Acacia. That's about it.Aventus did little for me.I'm a broken record, but in the past year or so (or at least in the pages of this thread I've read recently) I've seen n'aught a Roudnitska in sight. You folk need to remedy this immediately.In other news, somewhere in my wine cooler I have a TINY little bit of "Vega." I may break it out because I'm feeling frisky.
Any updates on this one? You find out something interesting? They're lovely buttons. PM me if you don't find a good buyer.
CONUS shipping/PAYPAL included. Brand: Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche (made in Italy). Material: Black calf leather, YSL Logo inner lining. Lampo zips. Size: Measures ~19X14X9 (50cm size). Condition: Excellent (9/10). Comes with tags and dustbag. A few light scuffs from sitting around in my closet. Perfect overnight or weekend bag.
Good one. Eco is a lot of fun. I actually love the movie, only because of young horny Chris Slater going to town with a local farm wench. Nomnomnom.I love all the CdG Incense, as with most of the (early) CdG series. I was one of the few who had all the gigantor 500ml "Cologne" series. All of them. One of my stupider purchases. I doused in "vettiveru" for months. At some point, assuming I've had enough wine, I'll share my stories about dinners and drinks with the...
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