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That would be a good chance to sample some of the vintage juice, for those who maybe haven't had it before. Gives a nice opportunity to see what we've all been talking about these years without having to mortgage the house. Thanks for posting it!The Jicky, MItsouko, and Vol de Nuit Extrait samples (at 40% off) are a good bargain. I've got more than enough, so I won't be ordering. But, it's definitely worth a try.Speaking of, I think I'll do Vol de Nuit today.
Yes, that's a nice one; a rarity in the spectrum of masculine florals. It also amazes me that they retained the name for the awful, boring "Ultramarine" version that you used to find absolutely everywhere on the cheap.I decided to play today layering Jardins de Bagatelle with Cartier Declaration. Before one goes, "WHAAAAT?" the Jardins has a neroli/orange blosson on top of the florals, while the Cartier has a sharp orange top with the cumin base. SO, interestingly the...
Lalique makes some lovely scents. I always liked this one (and, as I talked about often, Eau de Lalique was a favorite spring/summer scent).L'heure bleue Parfum for me today. NOT my favorite Guerlain from this period, but still so wonderful and unique. It's one of those that after so many wearings over the years, I still don't really think I "get" completely. Not a bad thing... but a lot of fun to sniff throughout the day.
Same exact thing here. Late meeting out near O'Hare that didn't get out in time.
Welcome to Guerlain. Why they are regarded as the best in haute parfumery is exactly for this reason... they create a singular olfactory "experience," divorced from individual notes. Of course you can pull out elements from the famous blends... Shalimar with vanilla and civet, Bagatelle with white florals... but in truth they all blend together to create something different, that just IS what it IS.Enjoy it!!!
Soft, yes. Flowery, no. Very subtle, with that Guerlain sort of blend. Guerlain, as a house, is tough to distinguish individual notes... the balance of elements without something singular punching you in the face is what makes it such a superlative experience.
Guerlain Jardins de Bagatelle EdP today. A big, thick, rich white floral from the early 80's. Not for the faint of heart, but really quite a wonderful concoction. I must say it beats Chanel Gardenia (or Une Fleur) hands down, for pure white floral power. Sigourney Weaver in an Ecru Powersuit couldn't wear this any better.
Looking forward to it. Is there some sort of way we'll recognize each other? Pink pocket square, for example?
Traded in my old one for a new one. This is my fourth... an Xj6, Xj8, Xf, and now an XE. I don't drive that much, and my husband put the Kibosh on a '17 XJ. (haha) I like the new ones... but I miss the old cigars. The new Jags are nothing like the old ones... many would rejoice, but I miss the smoothness, quirkiness, and sheer feel. I don't miss the repair bills, though.
Some nice ones today; good job fellas. CoSTUME NATIONAL Scent for me today; I still go back to this one even though it is unusual in my wardrobe. Sweet, synthetic (intentionally), and nice... it also has that weird futuristic vibe consistent with Cappasa's fashion. When I need something that won't offend, but still doesn't feel like a cop out... I reach for it. Though, for the record, I hate the bottle design. Perhaps intentionally? (Cappasa is that weird)... it's...
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