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I've mentioned almost ad nauseum that Hermes prices are crazy. I posted the pic (and others) just as a reference image for the style. I'd never spend what Hermes is asking or anything close to it, especially given the large number of other very high quality makers out there with good bang-for-buck. I pretty much stopped even considering Hermes back a few years ago when I was in a boutique and saw a lovely calfskin messenger bag. I assumed it would be in the $3000...
That's great; of course it is hard to see just from a few pics, but the construction looks pretty solid. Yes, I'm also looking forward to a review. I haven't checked out Luxire, but might do so!
One more bag: Brand: Italo Zucchelli for Calvin Klein Collection Style: Rucksack/backpack Material: Black calf (vitello); gunmetal hardware; black nylon lining. Adjustable leather straps on back. Other: Made in Italy; comes with the key to the lock. Condition: Pre-owned/excellent. Measurements: 15x12x6 Note: This is the higher-end, Italian runway CK; current season rucksacks are north of $2,000: http://www.calvinklein.com/shop/en/ck/search/mens-bags/collection PRICE:...
Two bags for sale; I bought these to use myself but they've just been sitting in the closet. BRIEFCASE: Brand: Italo Zucchelli for Calvin Klein Collection (Made in Italy) Style: Large format triple gusset laptop briefcase. PRICE: SOLD; thanks! **NOTE: I also have a matching black CK Collection rucksack from the same leather and same season as the above briefcase. If interested, see below.*** RUCKSACK: Brand: Neil Barrett (season Autumn/Winter 2009) Style: Saffiano...
Who did you use to make the bag... is it April in Paris? The brown looks something like their "stingray print" calf. In any case, enjoy it! I like the contrasting green lining and stitching.
I actually agree. I have seen some nice attache cases that are stylistically in the same universe, but something in the details of the bag (which you mention) also look "off" to me. It's sort of like a designer tried to take all the neat points from 4-5 classic bag styles (I see hints of SAB, valextra, a touch of LV Suhali, a pinch of Givenchy) and ended up with something less than any of them.Quality looks decent, which means it's probably fairly $$$... in which case...
Thanks for the question! Unfortunately I have no experience with Clegg, so can't comment. I hope others with more knowledge will add their thoughts.
I'd be curious and interested to hear this as well; as many know, 1999-2005 Jil constituted some of my favorite pieces. But, they've since been through several owners, factories, and license holders... so I'm now many, many years out of date with my knowledge of the brand.
It happens from time to time, and I don't want to "censor" anything, but overall the thread really isn't to post sales items. I really don't want the thread to become the place where people come to post or get buzz for their bag sales, unless it is for something that has either been under direct discussion or something really interesting or unique. Filson is a perfectly fine brand, but it's discussed on SF so much this thread is hardly the place to talk more about them.
Good catch; I just meant maybe it could be another hide... around the toe looked sort of like sea turtle stuff I'd seen before in Asia. I'm really not an expert in croc hides (though I started a thread about them before!) I'm sure others have much more detailed knowledge. They are pretty awesome shoes, nonetheless, though I don't know if I'd ever have a place to where them.
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