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Continuing Guerlain Week, I'll do the EdP of Jardins de Bagatelles (in the bee bottle). It's way too feminine to recommend as a daily wear for most users here, but the EdP tends to feel richer/darker/deeper than the EdT. This one reminds me a lot of Gardenia or Une Fleur by Chanel, but with a much better/deeper base. Both are classic white florals, but the Jardins pushes it much further (especially in the drydown). If you can make it past the initial LOUD blast of...
I love L'h B, but see your point. While I find Mitsouko or Shalimar very unisex, definitely L'h B tends to be much softer and in the more feminine territory.Vol de Nuit EdT today; a true gem. Quiet, cool, and "airy," a scent that definitely is named appropriately.
I must say this Old Tankard Ale is a lot of fun for the $$$.
I accept! Today Guerlain Cologne du 68.It's an odd one from the house and without its name I wouldn't necessarily be able to trace the lineage. That being said... if one likes L'instant PH, I think would be a hit as well. It's got that similarly odd balance of soft and sweet, but also woody/resinous with some citrus. However, each is really well balanced/blended, so it moves back and forth within these different families without any one part being discernible.It's one...
IMHO, this thread needs more discussion, challenges, interaction, etc. Too much just posting SOTD's without commentary. I'd love to see more reviews of members after they try challenges, or discussing in more detail why/what they like. The point of niche fragrance is that it's quite personal... but honestly, I don't really see what/how/why I should go out and search for these new gems. Hashtag... challenge!
Agreed. One of my favorites. Really wonderful.
We should start some "challenges" to try unexpected scents. For example, I challenge to try Shalimar, or Mitsouko. What others do you challenge to try?
Brickstone APA... my new favorite "go to" evening yummy beer.
IT's been ages since I wore Shalimar EdT, so today I pulled out my gold recharge bottle. The standard, easily available one. Even in this form it's incredible. I defy anybody to try this one without the "old lady" psychological association and think it's overly feminine. If you wear Tom Ford's "darker" stuff, I say just try it.
Jo Malone Black Cedarwood & Juniper today. Nice, spicy, and well blended. Not a masterpiece; like so many newer scents they are "good," but not the superlative experiences of the great noses. Worth a small bottle.
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