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Great holiday gift for your significant other. Etro Autumn/Winter 2005 runway suede boston bag. Geometric suede pattern with purple croc-print trim. Purple lining. In excellent used condition. Made in Italy. Retail was 1180 euros, or about $1300. A rare seasonal item no longer in production. Measure 17X10X9. GREAT bag and makes a perfect holiday gift. PRICE: SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
The leather samples as pictured above your post.For a minute, I was taken back to the 1980's when all the "cool kids" wanted a Swatch Watch. Different animal entirely.
We've talked about Vurr-sayce before (haha "Showgirls" reference); several of us have (or have had) Versace pieces. Members @designervalet and especially @spoopoker know it very well, too... and I hope they will see it and chime in.IMHO, the trouble with Versace mainline is not quality, alas; the mainline bags are usually built like tanks and will probably last forever. Unfortunately, the styling sometimes borders on the garish/hideous... or changes in style so rapidly...
Anybody have any Jil Sander no. 4? Not too many years ago, this was an easy one to find cheaply, but now it's off the market. It's my (elderly) mother's favorite, and I'd like to get her some for the holidays. I'll either trade some from my wine cooler of exquisites, or just send you cash. (haha) Tiffany PH for me today.
Initially, I thought so as well; however when I gave it a drive, I found it holds a lot more than I thought. I also have some wider soft briefs and honestly the slimmer style ended up being a lot more durable/less "small" than I had anticipated.In the future after they have established their line, I'd definitely think a wider brief would be a nice addition... but until then the slimmer size works better than I thought it would.
At least your ITUNES didn't turn up Yoko Ono.
^That takes me back. Longevity was meh, but what a lovely mainstream designer scent. Manfunk and pencil shavings. TF really did some good stuff in those days (YSL RG PH and M7, Gucci PH, etc., Cinema) Today is Chanel CdR. Nothing better than some stinky leather for a cold winter day.
^Did you really spell 'différence' with an "A," Jackie???
It was an alleyway snack. The type of rate was indeterminate. In any case, Cunny has been known to produce sudden evolutionary change to the gag-worthy by his mere existence.Same thing happened to me. I scuffed my Gucci!
^You smell like the alleyway snack a rat couldn't keep down.
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