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Eau de Pamplemousse Rose (Hermes) today. My love of a good grapefruit is well documented, and this one is pretty good. I still think Pamplelune is better, though. This one turns light/floral and then disappears on me, while the Guerlain turns richer with a creamy patchouli/vanilla base. I like that the Guerlain starts very crisp and then moves downward, while the Hermes seems just to stay very linear before fleeting away altogether.
You've compelled me to open the wine cooler to wear something from my sacred bin today. Thinking some very old, very wonderful No. 19 extrait.
^My only hope is that the explosion of niche fragrance companies surviving (even thriving) will help push the big players (Givenchy, Dior, Guerlain, etc.) to go back in and reinvest in their original, superlative classics. Sort of like how the craft beer explosion has some of the big/traditional Beer companies realizing there is money to be made in putting out decent stuff (I have to admit a soft spot for Pabst's "Old Tankard Ale") Dior did an OKAY job with the "Les...
Interesting! Keep us updated on the search. The discussion of aged vetiver reminds me also of the discussions of how old Chanel no. 19 used to use (now unsoursable) Galbanum. In other words, it's fascinating how a scent can use technically the same "note," but what makes it go from interesting to superb is in all these tiny little uncontrollable details. Almost like wine.
Kingdom was too much for me as well. They even made a body lotion for it, believe it or not, which I also had.I think every scent is worth not only smelling, but wearing at least twice. Some of these you might have to wear at home without going outdoors, though. hahaSOTD: I think I'll do Eau Sauvage today.
It's possibly/probably a functional buttonhole. That being said, much of this stuff except at the top-end is purely marketing affectation to differentiate it visually from the sea of other jackets on a store shelf. I'd say that's probably the case here.In general, though, lots of brands use basting in their own colors; Isaia for example has its bright red basting, Hickey Freeman uses gold/yellow, etc.In any case, to echo what others have said... definitely remove it as...
Yet again this cycle it's Jurgen Prochnow for me.
@Ambulance Chaser rec of a classic EdC is a good one. This will keep you from getting too far into the marine/aquatics category (eg Aqua di Gio)... which are very, very popular, "fresh and clean," and generally as interesting as watching paint dry.Along those lines... while fresh and clean aren't my stock in trade, I do like Comme des Garcons Series 4 Colognes (Vettiveru, Ambar, and Citrico). Vettiveru is my favorite, but Citrico is nice as well. They used to only come...
Parfums Givenchy is one that truly, truly suffered when Hubert himself sold his cosmetics business in the 90's. LVMH pretty much gutted the existing ones, and never really created anything new worth trying. Gentleman is pissy water with some patchouli compared to its old self. Vetiver is no more. L'interdit was gutted. Monsieur and Eau de Givenchy lost their kick as well. And Givenchy III (one of the great chypres) is gone, too.Givenchy really kept up with Dior in...
^Thanks for compiling the list. I'll work on organizing it and will edit/update this post when I can.
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