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^Some great, dark "moving into fall" scents on deck this week. Great choices! I'm feeling the mood as well and reached for DZING! even before reading the thread today. I really like DZING! and find it a unique and complex scent. It's sort of leathery, sort of stinky, but then has a very soft, quiet sweetness to it. If only it had a rotten melon in it somewhere, it might just hit all my major points (j/k).
I sort of feel the same way about Diorella, though even by the same house it's on the opposite end of the spectrum. It's complexity and extreme subtlety are what I think makes it feel so "real" or very natural when worn.It's been many moons since I was able to get my hands on any Jules... so I need to seek some out to revisit.
I haven't tried Papillon Salome yet... but based on that description, I certainly shall.
Tauer is one of the few newish niche houses that I think really does some neat stuff.
IMHO the whole Oud thing is getting way out of hand; I sincerely hope Estee Lauder isn't planning to use Malle as a flagship "ultra super premium" market to float ridiculously overpriced juice to rich people spritzing in their Bugattis. I'm not saying it can't be good... Ropion is a gem... but that pricing starts to get into Clive Christian "most expensive perfume in the world" territory and all the accompanying ass-hattery.Anyway, I'll definitely sniff and try it if I get...
Interesting; I haven't heard of/tried this one. I shudder to think of the price, given what even a "regular" Malle runs.I'm doing Cologne du 68 today. It's growing on me more and more, though there is still something a touch too tonka-y, nutty in there. Tonka (and that sort of sweet, dry bean-like note) is one that just doesn't click with my nose.
Good find; though in general I'd be scared of vintage juice unsmelled in person only because it's quite a crisp, light frag and if the topnotes degrade... yikes!But, it's important in Fragrance history because it was the original source for what later became both Diorella and the famous Eau Sauvage. You can definitely get the family DNA in the drydown. It's considered something of a Roudnitska First Draft. Though, it definitely stands on its own. Enjoy it!I'll join you...
^Good ones. I'm layering today as well. I decided to try Red Roses (Jo Malone) over Chanel CdR. It's really quite a nice pairing; it deepens the Malone and enunciates the rose at the top of the CdR. It definitely doesn't necessarily improve CdR (which is pretty perfect as is), but it does add something unexpected to a scent I know well and love.
Excellent post. For me, this started probably 7-8 years ago and is what caused me largely to abandon trying all this new stuff and just go back to the "real" classics (trying out both their altered and vintage forms). It really made me appreciate parfumery again after getting fairly burned out. It's far, far worse now in terms of the "pseudo-niche" (as you say) and like you, I just sort of glance here to see what new stuff might be worth trying. Otherwise, I'll stick...
Exactly.I think it's a combination of over saturation of fragrance houses, a condensed (almost fashion-like) seasonal schedule, and a lack of general knowledge about scent on the part of the buying public (who nevertheless is willing to pay niche prices). It reminds me of the premium denim market in the early-mid 2000's... you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting nineteen $300 denim makers. Many of them are no longer in existence, and rightly so.These houses feel...
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