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Agreed; that's a beauty.
RJ was a nice one; like Cuiron and BelAmi it used to be one of those you could find easily and very cheaply (IIRC I got my 50ml bottles for about $10 each). Not so today! But, it's a nice scent and got lots of compliments. Shalimar for me today... nothing surprising (haha). I keep mentioning it only in hopes that all of you guys will forget that your grandmother loved it and try it yourselves.
Can't wait to see the designs! A weekender will really round out your collection.
Haha. Ala habit rouge, I don't know if I've shared (I probably have) the story of the French aristocrat/he-devil in my college dorm who bathed once a week in the shower, favored Le Pen, paid his college fees in cash, and crashed his computer with torture porn... but bathed daily in habit rouge. To this day, the whiff of it makes me gag. A gorgeous scent, sadly ruined by a horrible little man (may he live in interesting times).Love Tom Ford's BO (haha). ps today my SOTD...
Brand: Tom Ford for GUCCI Material: Orange Nylon with Black vitello (calf leather) accents Model/Serial Number: 019-0338-3754 Season: Autumn/Winter 1997 Hardware: Palladium buckles with black matte zippers and leather zipper pulls Country of Manufacture: ITALY Condition: EXCELLENT (9/10). No dustbag but comes with the Gucci controllato card. CONUS shipping/paypal included in price. International considered but will be AT COST for USPS Express International with full...
Brand: Ennio Capasa for CoSTUME NATIONAL Material/Color: Midnight green (so dark it appears black except in sunlight) nappa leather with palladium hardware. CN logo nylon interior lining. Size: 17X14X6 inches with adjustable leather strap. Fits a large laptop, files, etc. Condition: Excellent used condition. Shows VERY little wear. 9/10. Original Retail Price: 1580 euros ($1850 USD) Other: Comes with the dustbag. This is "THE" classic CN messenger; it's been produced...
Agreed! Actually, the Chicago Jil store was the site of my first Jil purchase... way back in college in the 90's. It was one of the classic "tailor made" crisp white dress shirts when Jil and Menichetti were doing everything. Ah, the good old days.
Oh, my, I've had an account at both places for most of a decade; there are many reasons why I don't post much, however. Back in 2004-05 both were quite lively with lots of really interesting industry experts and neat members... but most all have moved on. Anyway, will share more later.Nice Magritte, btw.
Interesting to compare two similar styles of bag and similar materials that can produce an ENTIRELY different effect (as Mies said... "Gawd is in teh detailzz.") While the Mismo bag I quite like, having a nice, subtle sense of refinement... I have to admit the latter bag I find really quite unattractive. I definitely think the material (waxed canvas) would be quite durable... but again from a refinement/style angle I don't like it at all.I'll post more later this week......
Bumping this thread for 2015. Very excited and happy to see the response to Linjer and the new colors "unlocked." Can't wait for them to start delivering!
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