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Hadn't really thought about it since you asked... and as I do the math, I'm a little surprised to find it's been well more than a year. Time flies when you're busy (can't say "fun"), but hey, a man's gotta eat.
Thanks! I always try to give my SF pals first dibs if I clean out my wardrobe.
BOTH BAGS SOLD; THANKS! CONUS shipping and paypal included. Int'l at cost. Both bags were mine (not bought for resale) but have sat in the closet for too long. 1. Gianfranco Ferre croc-embossed slim document-case/attache. From S/S 2004 season. Light brown with black lining. Single gusset. Retail was 1390 Euro, or about $1500. Bag is in great shape and shows little wear. It's calf leather that is stamped... real croc would be about $14,000. Measures...
Thanks for the update and clarification.
Shhh... you're going to scare him.ps. best part of my pic above is actually the Dior Dior parfum on the far right. That's some wine cooler juice, gurlz.
Don't worry; it's like riding a ........bicycle.
Looks like Diesel (the bag). Ugh, why did I respond to this?
Afternoon outdoor plans with some family from out of town with whom I've not met in ages. Will dip into the wine-cooler stash. Gardenia is NOT one of my favorite Chanels... but in the right setting it's worth a try. It's a wet, lush white floral that is surprisingly sweet for a Chanel parfum. Wear it on a dry, hot August afternoon outside and it's really lovely.
That's great except you never really responded or posted pics to my requests above (months ago)
Only readers of this thread will appreciate this... but I was recently watching an old re-run of Miami Vice and as Don Johnson gets ready to meet some drug dealer on a sting... he splashes on some Patou Pour Homme. For a corny 80's cop show... they really had some neat stuff.... the Versace alone is worth the price of admission.
New Posts  All Forums: