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I actually agree. I have seen some nice attache cases that are stylistically in the same universe, but something in the details of the bag (which you mention) also look "off" to me. It's sort of like a designer tried to take all the neat points from 4-5 classic bag styles (I see hints of SAB, valextra, a touch of LV Suhali, a pinch of Givenchy) and ended up with something less than any of them.Quality looks decent, which means it's probably fairly $$$... in which case...
Thanks for the question! Unfortunately I have no experience with Clegg, so can't comment. I hope others with more knowledge will add their thoughts.
I'd be curious and interested to hear this as well; as many know, 1999-2005 Jil constituted some of my favorite pieces. But, they've since been through several owners, factories, and license holders... so I'm now many, many years out of date with my knowledge of the brand.
It happens from time to time, and I don't want to "censor" anything, but overall the thread really isn't to post sales items. I really don't want the thread to become the place where people come to post or get buzz for their bag sales, unless it is for something that has either been under direct discussion or something really interesting or unique. Filson is a perfectly fine brand, but it's discussed on SF so much this thread is hardly the place to talk more about them.
Good catch; I just meant maybe it could be another hide... around the toe looked sort of like sea turtle stuff I'd seen before in Asia. I'm really not an expert in croc hides (though I started a thread about them before!) I'm sure others have much more detailed knowledge. They are pretty awesome shoes, nonetheless, though I don't know if I'd ever have a place to where them.
Do they have the Croc dots/holes in the scales? They also kinda look a little like Sea Turtle. In any case, an awesome find.
It is an interesting shape; it reminds me of MALO, another of those small nichey Euro brands that is famous for one thing (cashmere sweaters) but does some interesting accessories. They were owned by Ittierre (along with Gianfranco Ferre), but since the former went kaput, I have no idea who owns/runs them now.
Golden Goose is one of those brands I just don't get (and never have). I never hear anybody talk about it, the collections I have seen have all been kinda tacky looking (sort of marni meets Dsquared)... and the prices are really staggering. I've never owned anything from them, though, so I don't have any first-hand knowledge. I also know virtually nothing about its production, designers, etc. (never really saw anything I liked well enough to keep searching). SO, take...
I've never had one of their bags; it's a basic canvas, so probably pretty sturdy. Do you have a link to the actual bag (so we can see more details?)Overall, the $200-ish range is really tough, actually; you can find a good used bag with some legwork, but at retail there really isn't much out there. It's probably smart you are sticking to textiles or canvas, though; you really won't get much leather-wise at that price. Pics online might make it look okay, but you'll...
Very cool. Looking forward to the coverage. When at a good noodle restaurant, be sure to ask for the "bukkake" udon.
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