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Calvin Klein Collection Briefcase. SOLD
I've said it once... and I'll say it again. Beware teh Mollusk. BtM.I wish I knew what this meant. L'incandencet? Sounds like a French noun-verb in the third person. Is it like the Marquis de Condorcet? Lovely fellow. Smelled a bit like cabbage, poor thing. Terrible halitosis.
Random itunes shuffle turned up "Give me Something" from John Lennon's "Double fantasy." Whew, gaaaaaaghd. I'll be tastin' that for weeks.
There are TONS. Also be sure to hit up the "UNITED ARROWS" stores in Shinjuku. SHIPS and BEAMS are also nice, but they are mostly clothing (with a few bags here and there). One JP domestic brand I like is called "Somes" (Soam-ayes). Classic, high quality, and fairly priced.http://www.somes.co.jp/store/Somewhere on here is a thread about various JP brands; edit; I found my old post and will paste it here.
^Agreed. I saw Oppermann in Japan fairly often and was never impressed. It always surprised me that it was popular/sold well there, because it was alongside domestic Japanese brands that were much nicer at half the price.
Missoni Uomo small travel/camera bag. Made in Italy, measure about 12X10X5, great bag for travel. Made in Italy. Excellent condition. Retail was around $1000. SOLD
Good points, as usual. This is probably one reason why so many of the "top" brands are switching to zippers with their own logos on the heads (which allows them to make/buy whatever crap they want).Re: Gucci Group (now Kering)... you are right. It's interesting how (McQueen and BV notwithstanding) their brands have really fallen off the radar. Balenciaga? Meh. Stella McCartney? WHO? And Gucci, for the reasons we've discussed. Could be interesting to see if they'd...
^As I doubt the shoes are welted, I also doubt they are actual cordovan. It's probably a mark of the color/texture of the leather. Many designer brands say "Coccodrillo" or "bufalo" when the leathers aren't croc or buffalo. If $300 was half off the retail price... there is no way they are either welted or cordovan. Retail for a "top brand" like DG for a real cordovan or top-quality construction would be more than $1000. In any case, I think with the right kind of...
Exactly. I have no idea how even to begin. It's very much just a "feeling" when you feel the hardware in your hands and do the proverbial "back and forth." There are a whole host of brands that I don't even know the "real" names of... Ferre and Rick Owens used one with mRy posted on them, there is also OPTI, etc. And, horribile dictu... sometimes RIRI stuff is extraordinarily STIFF. So, really, you just have to get the bag in your hands and go to town on it. If a...
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