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Of course you are welcome to join in the chat! But, my personal feeling is that we've got plenty of retail sites available and TONS of brands thrown around out there. What I DON'T feel we have here on SF is a body of common/standard knowledge for men's bags that is anything like what we have for suits, shoes, etc. The same guy who has fifteen points of analysis when he considers buying a suit has virtually nothing when it comes to a bag. "Um... black? Ehhh... maybe...
At least you get free shipping and free returns!But, srsly:TWENTY-FOUR X 6 LITER flacons??? I can just imagine a nagging spouse. "Jesus, Fred, you can't turn around in this apartment without knocking over another g#@##n flacon of this crap."I had the one-liter bottles of CdG Series 3: Cologne. I got so sick of it I was splashing that shit all over the place. gave some to the cat. Sprinkled it on the curtains. drizzled it on the floormats in the car. Decanted some...
Wish we had a "THUMBS DOWN" button.
Great... and extremely difficult... question. I'll let others chime in and as I can rustle up some old pics will post some ideas. Shape, size, materials... all play a big part. I honestly don't know that I've ever had the "perfect" weekender. I've had many that were okay/good/nice... but never perfect.
Been re-issued??? OMG! ZOMG! I'm so out of the loop.Must google forthwith. After probably ten bottles of the old juice... I can't wait. I hope they didn't mess with it. They were (along with some of the original CdG scents) the best designer juice ever made.
I've had all the "fig" scents (Philosykos, Premier Figeur, etc) and while others are more interesting, the MJ isn't bad for a subdued scent that won't draw attention to itself. It's worth a try as a "cheapy."
Oh yeah, it's bad. But as a rockstar scent, I was surprised that it took some real chances. Then again so did the Khmer Rouge, FWIW.
Haha. My first real "LOL" of the day. I did own a bottle of KISS HIM for a few days . I even did a basenotes review of which I'm still proud.
Marc Jacobzzzz.
Always a good choice. That's one of the few (along with Helmut Lang EdP and EdC and TDC Rose Poivree) that I've long since used but wish I still had in abundant supply.SOTD: MJ Men. It's definitely an "under the radar" scent, both in how many people wear it and how it wears. Some fig, some woody stuff at the base, and some coconunt-ish sweetness at the top. For a designer scent, it's not bad (it reminds me a lot of MJ's men's fashion, actually... well made but not...
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