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Wow, thanks for that updated information. I have to admit that IS rather disappointing. Much (if not most) of the fun was working directly with her, getting her insights and ideas, and her own personal touches here and there.Oh well! While I'm sad to hear this, I'm glad that she will be passing on her knowledge and talents to another generation.
Whatever happened to this one?
^It's Nubuck; that's how it's supposed to look. And the hardware is bronzed/antiqued to give it that finish.
Depends on the type of leather and severity of the marks. Usually letting it dry thoroughly and then treating it will take care of them.Worst case scenario, though, is you just have to live with them. I had an LV Damier Geant whose vachetta trim, even with treatment, got wet once in a sudden storm and always had the marks. I like my bags to wear/patina and be USED, though, rather than stay museum pieces... so it didn't freak me out too much.But the Linjer leather, with...
Excellent! Please feel free to update this thread with some pics and your opinion of the results. Hope you enjoy it! BUT, when you get your first taste of bespoke... be warned... you never go back. It makes it really tough to go shopping after that!
It's essential to care for your expensive leather bags and always keep them moisturized and protected. This is true of any brand that uses "real" leather that isn't heavily coated/treated. You have no idea how many generations of first-time LV buyers paraded their vachetta bags around to friends only to be horrified at what happened when it sprinkled. Likewise how many dropped a fortune on an Hermes box calf bag and then set it down on the ground, touched it with...
I did... but before I take any bag outside I treat it with both a Collonil moisturizer and spray it with the rain/moisture protector. So, mine ended up fine but definitely I wouldn't risk it unless you treat it first. Also, I have black and navy in the "smooth" leather, not cognac, so the lighter shades might also wear differently in the rain.Definitely treat it first, though, just to keep yourself safe. I say that for basically any leather bag, not just Linjer. You...
Nice to see Steve making an appearance on this thread. re: Zipper stiffness... it's an interesting discussion; for me moreso than stiffness/smoothness the mechanics of the head and the components of the teeth and material that attaches it to the bag are the biggest considerations. For example, I find that my RIRI are often extraordinarily stiff and often stay that way. However, they are built like tanks and I've never had one break. They remind me of the old Mercedes...
Just curious if anybody has bought or commissioned anything from Bea lately? Unfortunately I haven't, though I always have a few "wishlist" bags in mind.
Yes, I had the same issue with my Givenchy. It's good to send a bag off to a good home rather than just keep it in the closet HOPING you'll use it. In my experience, if you don't use a bag within six months, you ought to just admit it's not a great fit and move on. In any case, I'm sure somebody here will take it off your hands.Cheers!
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