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Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire.Dior Diorella (the current version you can get is okay, too)Try the CdG Incense series, especially Kyoto.One of the good fig fragrances... Diptyque philosokos, L'artisan Premier figuer, or even Marc Jacobs Man (in a pinch)TdC Sel de VetiverI'll throw in Guerlain Jicky just because it's required for every post I make. (dead horse, beat) I'll also offer Chamade, but one must have cojones the size of bowling balls to pull it off.
What bag/item is it from? Reaching far back into my memory, I THINK some of my old-school Versace stuff had snaps like that. Assuming I'm correct, it would be a great sign; the older Versace stuff was built like tanks and had some of the best quality around. FIMMA Italy are another good maker (though of course Fiocchi is the most famous)
Yep, the old juice has a gorgeous incense note with an aldehyde top. It creates a really lovely creamy/deep/resin/funk note that only the classic Chanels can do right. Think CdR but with a soft, powdery POW instead of that fecal Pudeur note.
Margiela is solid. I miss some of my Margiela stuff, almost as much as that damn mushroom-brown Valentino reporter bag I sold off. But, alas, one makes sacrifices. ToJ makes bags now?The Linjer tote is really nice, btw. I can say from experience.
Either way, it'll work out. Your friend will be very happy, or it will work for your purposes. The sad truth is that after playing around and exposing them all to wear, the Linjer is working better than a whole horde of my (fancy designer at ridiculous prices) items. Pshaw. Luckily I still have some old Tom Ford Gucci and Jil Sander stuff from the 1990's that you can shoot with a large-calibre weapon and keep in tact. These save me from feeling I wasted my money all...
Oh, c'mon... if people lost their shit over Whitney Houston... surely us nerds can have a moment of "Pon'Farr" for teh Nimoy.
Very cool; it's always nice to find other buyers who agree. I also have received some products I ordered and have been very pleased with the attention to detail, quality, pricing, and functionality. In a few years after their coverage in Forbes and Vogue, it will be nice for us to have a chance to "name drop" among friends that we knew the Linjer folk way back when. Let's hope they remember us during their lucrative IPO. j/k
Terrible weather, long week... so rather than something rare and fancy, I want something reliable and comforting. Thus, alas, it's Bell's Two Hearted and "Layla and Assorted Love Songs."
The incense is exactly what wins it for me; it gives it a lovely warm, dark tone that is so very rare in an aldehyde. In terms of showing the versatility/range of the aldehyde note, I'd list No22 and (the old) YSL RG as the best examples beyond the 'powdery grandma" note so often associated with it.
It really is. This, along with Jicky/Shalimar/Mitsouko, was one big reason for me to stop trying so many new niche scents and plunge deep into the history of great parfumerie.I'm long out of good BdI, but I'll match you as best I can tonight with some old-school No22. Along with L'interdit, the best aldehydes ever done.
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