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Link please! Um, my "friend" is asking for it. not me, of course. I'm far too classy and loyal to my Neymar.ZOMG... you don't think Neymar is edible? Jeez oh pete. You mus tbe one of those that goes for personalities and thinks like Bob Balaban is the cat's meow. (jk)
Any Brazilian soccer players or other non-molluskulon cuties????? Btw, I've broken up with teh Ronalllldo in favor of teh Neymar. Yum yum. Thanks for the Cahors Wines rec. Will research forthwith!
And I bet she overcharges for routine car maintenance as well! Bitch!
I told you so many times.Beware teh mollusk, in all of its ensnarementes.ps need a good bottle of malbec in my price range. ???
So, just bumping this thread... but also to ask... do you think Herr Wooster is an SF member?
I did! A very soft, dry, lovely musk without the funk or animalic notes of some others. It is almost imperceptible on the skin until you get moving or warm it up. Or, it was when I had a bottle back seven-eight years ago. I always give that warning because of reformulations.
Good choice. Like LV Musk and L'aP Poivre Piquant... another that my memory forgets but the full bottle of which (actually two bottles!) I enjoyed immensely.I'm slathered in Ocean Rain these days. Finishing up a bottle. Tears and joy.
Oh jeez, I hate you guys. Somebody come help me. This is all so confusing. It's like the whole front of the car, so if I F&%$ it up I'm basically going to drop my whole front end off in the street when I drive. Or, to tell the truth, it's my husband's car, so he'll be doing it. Asian driver, insert joke here.I'd pay to replace the whole front end if I could be sure you were standing in front of it when I drove through at 45mph. Ugh, I miss my subaru.
See, how I figure it is you car-knowing fellas can read that crap and it makes sense. But, to me, it's like:"Counting nouns in standard Japanese is easy! I've done it a thousand times. Just use the "Flat object" counter for flat objects, unless they are bound with twine or shaped without straight edges. Animals, use the "animate" counter unless they are birds, rabbits, or butterflies. For the former two use the counter applying to winged objects (other than...
So checking online it does have to come off. And there are videos. But they have explanations like:"Removing the bumper is very easy, I've done it 100 times. 1 screw on each side of the bumper right where the front wheels are & 3 screw ontop of the bumper when u open the hood. Other then that one screw near the front wheels the bumper is snapped in place, so just give a small pull & it will pop out. Before u drop the bumper to the floor beware of the side marker plugs,...
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