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Bumping this thread for 2015. Very excited and happy to see the response to Linjer and the new colors "unlocked." Can't wait for them to start delivering!
All fair points. Sometimes my curmudgeonliness gets the most of me. I guess overall I'm just unimpressed to see the development and stylistic growth (or lack thereof) in the brand since it really started its menswear line in 2000.
Thanks (re: avatar). LaGuy has coerced Prof Fab out of retirement to do some random writing here and there, and we thought it would be good to give him a new graphic. It was hard to say goodbye to the Pink Dolphin... but I think the graphic captures the old spirit of the Prof Fab threads (now nearly 5 years old).
ps as a general request/complaint of the thread of late... (though the scent choices are great)... we need more conversation! The thread reads like a lot of people reading/spritzing past each other. Let us get back to commenting on each other's choices... adding our opinions, etc.
Never tried Noontide Petals... but re: aldehydes.... though I keep trying and have had every incarnation in which it comes, I say the same about numero 5.Aldehydes are a tough one to get right... and a lot go overboard. The original L'interdit is probably the best discernible aldehyde, in my book (though chanel n22 can't be beat as well).
All true; I think I saw that backpack, though, this past week and thought even at $600-700 it was way overpriced. For me, the problem with Saint Laurent Paris is unoriginal styling, lackluster quality, failure to remember the history/DNA of the brand, and wonky pricing. And as one who had pieces from Hedi's original collections back in 2000... and then at Dior... I think I'm allowed to complain. This shit he's doing now is tired, worn out, "been there," and for the very...
Not the right season for it, but needed a Roudnitska pick-me-up on a cold, rainy day. Dior Eau Fraiche : not as well known as others, this one preceded (and was the first draft for) Eau Sauvage and Diorella. The difference is in the DNA and the effect; Eau Sauvage has a warm, spicy citrus with a funky note and Diorella has that famous Roudnitska rotting fruity note. This one keeps all the usual citrus but settles less into woods or funk than a neat, soft aldehydic...
Oh, ok. Sacrilege! You are banished from my thread. (haha j/k)
Forgot that I'd even posted in this thread, but was interested to see that my list more or less has stayed the same.In the interim since posting, I've come to appreciate the (nonfiction) work of Vollmann and David Foster Wallace, who showed up here on several lists. George Orwell's essays (published together in four volumes still readily available) also can't be beat; those of us hit over the head with ANIMAL FARM and 1984 in high school should try to forget and check out...
Agree with the above; Balenciaga is usually a good bet and they've been fair on pricing. Star/asterisk/qualification to that remark...I'd avoid Givenchy; I have no idea how they get those prices for made in china (or Romania, Bulgaria, etc.) stuff. I liked the old Boateng days, but I was one of the very few. Tisci gets a lot of hype... but I find it unwearable and costumey, not to mention the pricing and quality.What is SLP? It's been a long day, so maybe my brain is...
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