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^That takes me back. Longevity was meh, but what a lovely mainstream designer scent. Manfunk and pencil shavings. TF really did some good stuff in those days (YSL RG PH and M7, Gucci PH, etc., Cinema) Today is Chanel CdR. Nothing better than some stinky leather for a cold winter day.
^Did you really spell 'différence' with an "A," Jackie???
It was an alleyway snack. The type of rate was indeterminate. In any case, Cunny has been known to produce sudden evolutionary change to the gag-worthy by his mere existence.Same thing happened to me. I scuffed my Gucci!
^You smell like the alleyway snack a rat couldn't keep down.
Calvin Klein Collection small/medium messenger. Sand-colored sueded bullhide. Made in Italy. Riri Zippers. No fabric; full leather with leather lining. Honestly this is one of the best quality/constructed bags I've ever owned. I just wish it were a little larger. Measure 13X10 with a 32" adjustable strap. Comes with dustbag. SOLD
SOMES Japan square messenger. VERY high quality bag; SOMES is one of my favorite "bang for buck" brands, unfortunately only sold in Japan. They make saddles for the Japanese national equestrian teams up in Hokkaido. Chestnut brown leather. Made in Japan, 13X13 (fits A4 documents). SOLD
Trussardi 1911 Document Case/Portfolio. From Spring/Summer 2012. Comes with tags and dustbag. Beautiful bordeaux/dark wine soft nappa with palladium hardware. Made in Italy. Gorgeous item and very functional with lots of spaces for folders, pens, phone, etc.
Calvin Klein Collection Briefcase. SOLD
I've said it once... and I'll say it again. Beware teh Mollusk. BtM.I wish I knew what this meant. L'incandencet? Sounds like a French noun-verb in the third person. Is it like the Marquis de Condorcet? Lovely fellow. Smelled a bit like cabbage, poor thing. Terrible halitosis.
New Posts  All Forums: