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Four.I disagree re: six; the bag is slim so I think six feet would be overkill. The bottom is pretty thick so even with all my stuff in it the middle portion (where I'd assume you meant to put the two extra feet) never touched the ground.I agree. You don't really get that much in a leather bag for $350 these days. Even a plastic/glue Kenneth Cole garbage bag will run you close to $300.
(1) It's fairly soft, but not supple. However, it's not stiff. Setting it down, it sits up on its own, but you could easily bend it if you really tried.It appears to be a pretty standard/classic vegetable tanned leather; if you've had a bridle leather belt, it's sort of like that (only not quite as thick). It's relatively light-weight as well so it didn't break my arm when I put a few books/folders/tablet in there.(2) Matte. It's soft/flat without being shiny.(3)...
^I like Bally. They've really found a nice balance with fashion-forward/classic styles over the past several seasons. I always find myself LOOKING at their bags, but rarely buying, though. That being said, though pricey they are fairly well-made and seem to hold up pretty well. Also, I got several PMs about trying to get an in-person look at the Linjer bags discussed above, so over the weekend I was able to test drive the black briefcase this weekend. My thoughts/ideas...
I got several PMs about it in addition to the mentions above, so the Linjer-folk let me test drive the black briefcase this weekend. You know how I feel about black bags, so I was really taking one for the team here (haha j/k). For the sake of objectivity/separation, I started my own thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/427531/the-rachford-files-linjer-soft-briefcase-testdrive/0_100
Original thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/417448/linjer-leather-goods-official-affiliate-thread/100_100#post_7405792 Several members requested that I get a look at the Linjer bags before they launched, so over the weekend they let me test drive the soft briefcase in black. Executive Summary: Stellar bang-for-buck. It’s every bit as good as the pics/discussion imply on their affiliate thread. Sub $500 bag range… it’d be hard to beat. Intro: In previous threads, I’ve...
I get what you mean, but IMHO a vegetable-tanned or bridle style leather doesn't really "move" in the way that a soft grained hide does. I agree with something like an Hermes Clemence you'd want to see how supple it is... but with Box calf or a thicker vege-tanned it may not give you much info even in video form.
You just might be date-able. I found a bottle of D'orsay Etiquette Bleue in one of my (hitherto unpacked) Japan boxes yesterday and am giving it another whirl. A nice, friendly one for warm-ish weather.
^That's really lovely. In addition to being great in and of itself, it also reminds me of that lovely bit from "Royal Tenenbaums" where Gene Hackman's character wants on his tombstone exactly one of these old-style great epitaphs. If I recall, his was "saved his family from a sinking burning battleship" or something. The thread is totally open to anything (written) that is beautiful.
Thanks!Re: messengers... definitely I wasn't intending to imply an either/or approach. I was just mentioning as they consider future designs that love of the flap messenger isn't unanimous (I myself have sold or gotten rid of all of mine that I've had); nevertheless it's the smart choice for their first crossbody bag. Sort of like going with black/brown instead of green/blue, having a flap messenger is the "smart" first choice to have in their initial collection.
^Ugh, gross. I'll be tastin' that for days. I'm a known quantity around here, I think I need to pull in some favors for a time out due to emotional pain and suffering. j/k You SLIGHTLY redeemed yourself with Verlander... but he's a little hairy for my tastes. Actually, give me a three-day growth and I look like that. No thanks. :haha: edit; hey who's that other tatty football player who posed slightly-in-le-buff? He was moderately edible.
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