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Good choice. One of my favorites. A "friendly" chypre that manages to hold its own (and be distinctive from) the other classic Chypres.Cali Dreamer... Idole is a good choice as well. It's been several years since I wore it (I had a decant back when it first came out) and I really liked it.
Toshiki Matsui. It's not a "big" name in Japanese architecture (like Tadao Ando). But he did a lot of the Yohji stores in the 1990's, at least according to the Harper's Article where it appeared back in 1999. (Harper's Bazaar June 1999 "Yohji's Private World" by Melissa Barrett Rhodes)
I forget his name, but it's by the same Japanese architect he used for many of his boutiques. It's not a super famous guy; it was profiled in a magazine article back in the 1990's.Apparently the building was supposed to be his atelier/office, but he liked it and decided to live in it instead.
Nah, I just had the vintage parfum and the EdC. The Exclusifs is okay, but it felt really light and fleeting. The vintage stuff has a really punchy creamy incense that balanced it for me in a way I'd not expected. I didn't get that as much in the Exclusifs, but instead just the creamy softness.I lose my place on SF often for liking the reformulated Chanel PM... so we can hold hands.
A good oldie, though I must admit I didn't love it near as much as I'd hoped. The long cylindrical bottle by Patou? I had 2-3 bottles in my day... including a 100 ml bottle that was big and thick as a Roman Candle. Here's a pic of Yohji's Tokyo house and black Rolls... just because it's awesome.I had a series of ridiculous, dumb, mind draining department meetings today in advance of the new semester and so I absolutely drenched myself in n22. It was sweet, creamy, and...
Moustache is nice, but quite dated. I love it, of course, but still it's not going to win you fans at work or among friends. Found this one in a box that I'd not opened from Japan. Forgot I had it. It's not that great, hence why it was discontinued. But still worth a sniff.
Pretty clearly a Ck (Calvin Klein diffusion line) logo bag. I'd advise against it. bad quality, garish logo-ing, and all around man-bag nightmare. Run. Run like the wind. One out of three Southeast Asian fashion victims visiting a duty free store will have this bag.The only Calvin Klein worth your time or $$$ is Calvin Klein Collection by Italo Zucchelli... and even that one can sometimes be iffy.The Keith Haring in the background, even as bad as THAT is, still is much...
Using a simple, no nonsense Costume National messenger these days. It's very dark green washed nappa, not quite black standard calf, as is CN's wont. That's what I like about the brand... they do tiny tweaks on standard, minimal classics. It's been washed to give it a soft, subtle feel. I've had this one for years... I think it was from AW2008, but CN has produced it over multiple seasons.
Very nice. I appreciate that one more and more when I wear it (in hot weather.) It's really quite unique and complex, beneath its "low rent" exterior.
Ah, Creed. I miss my Aubepine Acacia. That's about it.Aventus did little for me.I'm a broken record, but in the past year or so (or at least in the pages of this thread I've read recently) I've seen n'aught a Roudnitska in sight. You folk need to remedy this immediately.In other news, somewhere in my wine cooler I have a TINY little bit of "Vega." I may break it out because I'm feeling frisky.
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