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I agree! I was thinking of the EdT so am glad you clarified. Yes, I love the Parfum and PdT for my own nose, but it's definitely not for the faint of heart... nor a great fit for a warm/dry spring/summer day.Wanted a classic chypre today, so pulled out my (pre-reform) Tiffany For Men. A really lovely scent that many of us love; it's sort of what Chanel PM used to be (and both made by the same nose around the same time).
Let me see what I can find! Yeah, I wish I'd had more space than a tiny apartment and could have kept/collected some of the stuff I had. Old school Helmut, Prada (and especially the original MIUMIU men's stuff, which was AWESOME), Jil, LOTS of the Japanese designers (especially CdG), and the old Dior Homme from the first collections through FOLLOW ME. I just recently sent to my friend my last pair of the original 1999/2000 Prada Techno pants.But, with changing jobs to...
Interesting, thanks! I wasn't familiar with Troubadour and so enjoyed reading that. Will have to take a look more closely at their goods. The keepall/weekender you posted at the end of your article is especially nice.The styling of the top-handle rucksack reminds me a lot of the 1990's minimal brands that really got me into fashion; for a 5 year period pretty much everything I wore was Helmut, jil, or the "real" Calvin Klein. The straps, clean lines, and buckles make...
^It's not BAD, but I'd definitely wait. I've not seen this particular bag in person, but overall I almost NEVER find the foldover/two-function bags as versatile as they claim. When a brand tries to do both, I end up using one more than the other, and then find the other unused function getting in my way. Instead of having two bags for the price of one, I end up having one that I don't really like as much as I thought. My general sentiment is... if you want a tote, buy a...
"Jeebus" and "no homo" in the same post? Zomg. Dogfish Head 90min IPA for a good standard. Not bad, not terribly fancy. Easily obtainable and a great one for a late afternoon. Enjoy it and enough with the pretentious brews. If you have to bribe a city official, meet a truck at the state line, or mortgage your house for a bottle of something... trust me, gurlz, it ain't worth it.
Interesting questions... I think having a removable lining is unnecessary... but in canvas/cotton is good to keep the weight down. The snaps and such will get in your way; trust me. Just have the textile lining sewn in (and perhaps opt OUT of any zipper pockets or other things).I'll reflect on it more and edit/update this post again later.But, overall, a leather outside with textile inside will be more than enough for your needs. The HAC design is classic and will serve...
Thanks! I'm looking forward to the March shipment of the Linjer portfolios. I also ordered one in Navy... so will report back upon arrival.
Clogs of cordovan Flurries of snow and whimsy Bitch, learn the Haiku
Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire.Dior Diorella (the current version you can get is okay, too)Try the CdG Incense series, especially Kyoto.One of the good fig fragrances... Diptyque philosokos, L'artisan Premier figuer, or even Marc Jacobs Man (in a pinch)TdC Sel de VetiverI'll throw in Guerlain Jicky just because it's required for every post I make. (dead horse, beat) I'll also offer Chamade, but one must have cojones the size of bowling balls to pull it off.
What bag/item is it from? Reaching far back into my memory, I THINK some of my old-school Versace stuff had snaps like that. Assuming I'm correct, it would be a great sign; the older Versace stuff was built like tanks and had some of the best quality around. FIMMA Italy are another good maker (though of course Fiocchi is the most famous)
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