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... I dunno, call me crazy. I like my X308 (left) more than the X358.
This is an apt review, IMHO. Add the dry rocky coldness of No5 and I think you have DIORLING.
And you, sir, stink WONDERFUL.If you can't find Diorling, let me know. You'd love it. Imagine CdR and Bandit mixed with Chanel No5, with a drydown that punches you in the face.
Lots of good Leather Chypres this week. I'll join you with DIORLING (again), a leather chypre in the Bandit vibe. I was also thinking of doing Chanel CdR (thank'ee HORNS), but Diorling was in front in the wine cooler. In other news, I'm excited that I found a good price on a vintage bottle of Diorama... Roudnitska's first Dior masterpiece. I'll report when I receive it... and it's a big bottle so I'm happy to share if anybody wants to send me an empty spray bottle to...
Aside from licenses, I don't even think Ferre is in business anymore.Even then, Ferre had the worst resale value of any "big" designer brand; this was true when I wrote my above post in 2007 and it's infinitely truer now in 2015. In short, I really hope you weren't seriously considering buying those shoes for $1450.
Good review. Femme is an interesting addition to the Roudie DNA. Very early in his career, along with Diorama.I'll join you spritzing just before bedtime.In the morning, maybe I'll do Moustache.
I have both the new and old. What I wore yesterday was the new. Purists on the perfume boards will have hysterics, but IMHO the new one isn't bad as far as reformulations go. I find a lot of the negativity overblown; or, if not that, maybe that when reviewers try things side by side it's hardly an objective comparison. They already love the original and have a negative impression of "corporate" parfumery... so like seeing a color transfer of their favorite B&W movie......
White-topped EdT?Mediocre it is. Same with Gardenia. Strong, fruity florals very contemporary in flavor. Not bad if you like that (and it's cheap), but not worth the extra $$$. In the long run, worth it just to tell yourself you tried it... but like a lot of those rare OOP juices... not really worth the effort. Just stick with what you like.
^Probably not much, alas. Ferre was a niche brand even at the best of times, and aside from a very few classic items and collections, they don't fetch anything at resale. AW06 and SS07, tagged "Homme Couture," were wonderfully constructed and some like to collect it... but again not much. The Ferre item you mention may not be from Gianfranco Ferre; he had no presence in ROMA, AFAIK. He was centered in Milan, and his items typically said "Ferre Milano." And all the...
Haven't worn Diorella for a few months and gave it a spin today. Couldn't stop sniffing. It's wonderful to enjoy something superlative and still be surprised by how wonderful it is. If you like Eau Sauvage, I think you'd love it. It has less of the pissy hay note and more rich fruit, but still that wonderful crisp funk. Longevity is also much better (alas, Eau Sauvage and its older cousin Eau Fraiche disappear on me pretty fast).
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