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Hello friends. Each cycle, I keep really hoping the Repubs will put up somebody who will keep me from voting for a Clinton. Probably, yet again, I'll just stay home. Unless it's Cruz, in which case I'll vote for whomever is opposed to him (up to and including Yoko Ono, Noam Chomsky, or the engorged hand of Hubert Humphrey). Trump kinda fascinates me, unless I think of him sitting next to the nuclear futbol. Any chance for Kasich?
What is a saline note?Sounds intriguing. "salty" scents are hard to find. I'll edit/update later with one that I had years ago that smelled like a New England beach, complete with dead seagulls and detritus from the Garbage Scows. I can't remember it off hand; I traded it, as far as I can recall.It's cold and snowy in the Midwest today, alas, so nothing smells very good. When that happens, I just do CoSTUME NATIONAL SCENT because it's nice, weird, big, and loud. And...
Good finds. Dioressence is probably 1980's, based on the bottle. Not one of my favorite vintage Diors (it's in the same universe as CHAMADE, but not as good), but still a fun one to try.For vintage Diors, the best to find are Eau Fraiche, Diorella, Diorama, and Diorling. I'd add "Dior Dior" but it's almost impossible to find anymore.All of these don't age well, given their crisp top notes, so unless they were stored VERY well... they tend to have some (bad) funk.
Finally something new to report. L'ombre dans l'Eau, from Diptyque. I have a soft spot for blackcurrant, and this one blends it with rose. It's a nice variation from all of my big, heavy stinkers.
I feel so left out. And those are two goodies. Vol de Nuit? Is that a new release (haha wink wink)Mitsukou parfum today. Weather is getting warmer so my thick, surly old stinkers get less and less versatile.Coming soon will be Chanel PM (both the original and Eau Concentree, which I love), and Tiffany Pour Homme. Both are lovely men's chypres you gentlemen should take for a ride.Just because I'm a broken record, another spring/summer favorite is CoSTUME NATIONAL...
I did. And I still vouch for Linjer.I subsequently bought several pieces on my own dime after my review (a tote, a laptop sleeve, a slim brief, and the zip portfolio) and after use for nearly a year they are still performing well. Also gets a surprising amount of compliments. Read my original review for all my comments, but I still stand by my original estimation.
Lambertson Truex Reporter/messenger Bag: Brand: LAMBERTSON TRUEX Material/Material: Black canvas exterior with black leather trim and strap. Tan canvas interior. Silver hardware and RIRI zippers. Condition: Good; shows some basic wear to edges and surface. Interior clean but a few pencil/pen marks. Measurements: Approximately 12 inches tall, 17 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. Adjustable shoulder strap. Internal compartments for phone, cards, and folders. Perfect bag...
... I dunno, call me crazy. I like my X308 (left) more than the X358.
This is an apt review, IMHO. Add the dry rocky coldness of No5 and I think you have DIORLING.
And you, sir, stink WONDERFUL.If you can't find Diorling, let me know. You'd love it. Imagine CdR and Bandit mixed with Chanel No5, with a drydown that punches you in the face.
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