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Good question. Sub $300 might be tough. In the old days, a brand called LODIS did some decent stuff at a fair price point, but it's been ages and I don't even know if the brand is still running.Coach might be a possibility, though they might be more like $400-ish and of questionable quality. I'd peruse Ebay and type "reporter messenger" or something to see. Some other brands that sometimes pop up are Giorgio Fedon, Aristolasia, Tramontano, or Piquadro.
I'm definitely on board for that laptop sleeve. You can never have enough of those full-zip document cases/computer cases and the style you selected is the most versatile one (vs. envelope style, top-zip style, or folder/book style) . I have 8-10 of them in various colors and love them. So, cognac portfolio and the laptop sleeve. Put it on my tab. Yours takes (good) design cues from the best... the coin a papier...
^You guys bring up an interesting dilemma with which I've often struggled over the years. My theory of matching goes:(1) It's ok if a standard/simple leather and there are no logos or patterns, or (2) Its a bag vs. an accessory. I'd almost consider the Linjer portfolio to be an accessory as opposed to a bag. It's NOT okay if (1) It's something immediately distinguishable (eg LV Monogram or Damier, Gucci Guccissima/G-canvas), or (2) it's in a bright or distracting color...
I know; I was just being snarky. II is my favorite; III has existed in a few different versions over the years but isn't bad, as far as that goes. It definitely has its fans. I traded off my bottle of III ages ago and it really didn't leave that much of a grand impression.
^I mentioned this on your affiliate thread as well, but that's really not a bad turnaround time at all. Typically, anytime I've been invited to view or purchase "pre-season" or pre-order goods, the delivery date is six months or longer. So, assuming you can deliver on the time frame you describe... that sounds pretty good.
I try not to.
YSL Rive Gauche Cruise/Resort 2007. It came in two versions: the grained calf (which I have) and nylon (which I don't).
I love RED, but it's a very different fragrance; it's hard to compare them except that they are by the same company.
I think my dad had Puig's Quorum and VC&A "Tsar" back in the 80's. I always liked Giorgio for Men, but be careful applying as it can take the finish off a walnut end table.
Assuming you can follow through, that's not a bad turnaround time for a pre-season/pre-order.That's one of the biggest threats/changes to perception caused by "fast fashion" (Zara, H&M, etc.); by cutting so many corners on quality, they can get the styles copied from the runway and in the stores in a matter of weeks. Right now in Paris VIP clients are looking at samples in the LV, Dior, YSL, etc. showrooms for goods that they won't actually receive until late next spring...
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