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Voyage to the wine cooler today; spritzing an old (discontinued) rarity today. The old Cartier frags are powerhouse stinkers... each to be enjoyed.
Looks good! Are you able to source leathers from the same places as AiP? Or where do you get your leathers?
As much as I harp on and on about Diorella, I never actually have done a side-by-side comparison of the new (Les Creations) and the old EdT on each arm. I did today because it was warm. Here's the results: As I always said, the new one is worth the money. Is it the same? No. But, given the issues with vintage stuff, it's worth the effort. The difference is in the underlying "funk," which is basically the issue with all the Dior reformulations of Roudnitska stuff. ...
Welcome, Parker. Nice to see another custom leather maker around these parts. Hmmm... I wonder who that former Hermes-trained Kelly bag maker might be, and if we've talked about her rather often here (haha j/k...) Hope to see more products, pictures, and info. In the long wallet, is the stitching toward the bottom-right intended to be thicker (double stitched?) than the rest. I realize it's a prototype, just curious why it's different than the other stitching. I'd...
I have two 50ml bottles of the vintage juice. A wonderful, boozy stinker completely unlike the thin, pissy new one.
SMW was one of the few Creeds I liked as well. Aubepine Acacia was another.Dzongkha for me today... cheapest and fastest way to get a trip to Bhutan.Good suggestions. I might also add Guerlain Homme for something accessible but not ubiquitous, Guerlain Imperiale for a classic EdC, or Dior Eau Sauvage for an interesting vintage scent.
Dzing! (L'aP) today. I remember having a small bottle of this ten yearsish ago, but it somehow got lost in my rotation and then Timbuktu took over in my L'aP repurchases. Found this one and Dzongkha the other day on sale. Enjoying it a lot now on a second go around. I've been with my "staple" classics so long it's nice to explore something different again.
Oh, oops. I've been away for a while. Didn't realize there were color codes for literary forms. Thank goodness I didn't use metonymy! The suits would have my head.Edit; in any case... as I said in my last post a year or so ago... Hilary is our next president. Alas. Though in better news because of that bet a few SFers will owe me a nice Bordeaux.
Have you tried the Creations yet? The (reformulated) Roudnitska classics? They aren't perfect, but are lovely. Give them all a sniff before trying the new stuff. Diorama is the most abused, but Diorella and Diorling are actually pretty good. And Dioressence is as well.
I don't disagree, litotes notwithstanding.But, seriously, not Cruz. Please not Cruz. Because then I have to get in the car and actually drive down to the precinct. What a waste of premium 93 octane.
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