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Yep! Going to head back to my roots for a while (haha). So, Prof Fab back in the South. Hilarity will ensue.
I liked Dior's men's scents. The original Hedi limited ones (especially Bois d'argent) were lovely, and the mass-released Dior Homme was a nice one as well. Iris, leather, definitely worth it.I haven't had a bottle in a few years, but still I remember finding it well done for a big designer scent.Thewho13, never tried Zadig (except in paperback form from Signet books. lol)
Two vintage pre-reformulation extraits, one current formulation extrait, one EdT, one voile de parfume, and two boxes of savon soap! (haha)Most fragrances, in their different concentrations, have very different characters. So, the EdT, EdC, EdP, and parfum/extrait of Chanel, for example, all have different uses and applications.As well, especially with Parfum, it's like wine... depends on the season and year what you get. The EdT and EdP are often synthetic, but most of...
Anytime, all the time. I even wear it to bed. Agreed, though my wallet would be happier. I posted this on the SOTD thread back when, but even single-fragrances my wardrobe is getting extreme.Chanel n19... ikan haz it?
Poor thing. Tomorrow is my last day in Japan. Haven't decided my scent for the evening, but have decided that on the plane I'll go "sans fragrance." I don't want to kill half the flight with an overdose of Samsara action. "Crowd Pleasers" are fun for a short subway trip, but not a 15 hour plane flight. I'll just lather up good and strong with some n19 savon.
You may have missed my post above, but overall:Hermes Eau d'orange verte; look online and get a gift set with a bar of soap, an EdT, and a body wash. Should be relatively cheap.Unscented moisturizer at night, or an unscented body oil (eg jojoba).Unscented deodorant.You'll be good to go.If money is no object, Frederic Malle Cologne Bigarade.If you avoid actual perfumes/colognes (as I recommended), give Floris soaps a try. You'll feel like you're showering with the Queen....
Good point. Also, always wear it on the skin, not on a paper card. If the Sales Associate either won't let you try it on the skin, or encourages you to buy it from sniffing a card, RUN. Nobody who knows their stuff would recommend a customer to buy a $$$ niche scent without seeing how it develops on their own skin, with their own body chemistry, oils, etc.
Yeah, I was one of the Embruns haters. (haha) I think I wrote a bad review of that one on BN. If you like light, try The Different Company OSmanthus. It's also light, but complex, lovely, and unique without being too fleeting or "meh." I'd take it over Embruns every day of the week.
Btw, in case anybody is wondering why I'd ever buy 15-20 fragrances from a company whose products I don't particularly like, about 10 years ago Creed changed US distributors and the old distributor liquidated her entire stock for cheap prices. Back then basenotes was a much smaller community of "noses," and basically we bought her out. She was notoriously bad at communication, flakey, and would sometimes disappear for weeks at a time, but she generally came through, and...
If you're anosmic, I just wouldn't wear one. Get a nice triple mill soap and some unscented deodorant and just let that do it for you. You could also get a perfumed soap (Chanel used to put out some really lovely savons of n19, n5, n22, etc.)If you can't enjoy the smell yourself, why spend lots of money on it? OR, just get something very cheap, like the original 4711 or online discount HErmes eau d'orange verte... they won't last long on the skin, but you can be...
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