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Thanks! It's a great jacket that is too nice just to sit in my closet (I have four Corneliani unstructured jackets... this one I just haven't worn/don't need!)
I have three CORNELIANI jackets up for sale. All are the same size; they are my own jackets (I'm a standard 38R/slim fit and these fit great). 1) Corneliani "ID" new With tags men's cotton blend unstructured/lightweight jacket. SIZE: 48IT, or close to a 38R slim fit jacket. COLOR: slate blue. MATERIAL: Blend of cotton/silk/linen. RRP: $1120 CONDITION: New with tags. Approximate measurements: Shoulders: 17 inches; chest (pit to pit): 19 inches; length (collar to hem): 31...
Excellent additions to the thread. The Professor is pleased.
I've had a bad cold the last few days as well. It's amazing how flat and dull everything seems when so totally congested.
A cool, wet fall day today... so nothing better than Chanel no 22 (a vintage EdC). The incense at the base keeps the aldehydes at the top very warm and soft. I can never figure out how No22 is so rare/hard to find while no5 (created around the same time by the same nose) is so ubiquitous. I find the former so much more approachable, so much more interesting, so much more wearable than the latter...
TF Patchouli Absolu today. Now this one just might be a real hit in my book. Needs more wearing, but it is a dark, strong, rich patchouli that is also quite dry... a throwback to the wonder that was the original Givenchy Gentleman.
Sounds very nice! It's chilly and cloudy here today... I need something comforting and that I know will carry me through to drydown. Hence, Shalimar.
TF Ombre Leather 16 today. Going through some TF Samples. Like Oud Fleur... good, very good. But, not spectacular. I like it and will enjoy wearing it, especially in cooler fall weather. But, again, for $225-250 I expect utterly astounding. And it's far from that.
A few weeks back on a whim I picked up a Squareguard, basically a small insert you put in your breast pocket that keeps your pocket square in place. A guy I work with always had perfect-looking squares (while mine tended to sink down into the pocket) and had one of these. It's really pretty neat; I've since gotten like four more to give this Christmas as stocking stuffers. It's one of those odd little sartorial things I never knew I needed or wanted until I had...
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