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A few weeks back on a whim I picked up a Squareguard, basically a small insert you put in your breast pocket that keeps your pocket square in place. A guy I work with always had perfect-looking squares (while mine tended to sink down into the pocket) and had one of these. It's really pretty neat; I've since gotten like four more to give this Christmas as stocking stuffers. It's one of those odd little sartorial things I never knew I needed or wanted until I had...
edit; I realized this would work easiest/best just as a part of "Recent Purchases."
I've been wearing this one a lot this week. I like it, but stand by my mini-review above. I also think that... as is often the case with "good" and not "great" scents... that it grabs you hard in the opening/mid and then fizzles out/lets down at the end. It's like they put all the emphasis into giving you "love at first sniff" while not caring much where you finish. For $225, yes, you want a happy ending.
I have a five ml decant of Oud Fleur that I'm spinning these days. I really quite like this one. Dark, rich, warm, and yet soft. But at $250 it's up against Portrait of a Lady (FM) territory, next to which it is a pale, gawky, red headed stepsister.
^That's a nice collection; covers all the bases without having anything redundant. I'd perhaps add ONE "fun" bag to the list... something you wouldn't use everyday, but that for some reason you just love. Thanks for sharing!
I haven't worn Tea for Two in years, but it's a lovely one. Powdery? Also try PdN New York and Bois du Portugal! (for masculine powders). Interesting that I don't get powder from Shalimar. Yet again the joys of how scents affect noses differently. Powder for me also runs close to aldehydes, ala No5 and L'interdit. I tried Oud Fleur today (TF). Like it. Need to apply again before posting an actual review. Post-shower and just before bed, needed something familiar...
Dzongkha today for a cool, dry, crisp Thursday.Interesting; I also get a lot of vetiver in the base which I guess could give the "green" touch. To me, though, the cedar comes up to my nose more than the green. I agree I'd like more of the stinky melon. This was one thing that made DIOR DIOR (long discontinued) so interesting. Therese is probably the closest thing to it, but it was more of a cross between this and Diorella, with the persistent fruit note.
The original (which came in a long, thin bottle like a track baton) was a very licorishy-gourmand. I must admit I wasn't as amazed by it as by the hype that surrounded it... but it was still a nice fragrance. I think I ended up trading my big bottle for some Jicky back in 2005 or 2006.
^Blast from the past. Haven't had Yohji Homme in years (the original Patou one)... I did L'heure Bleue today and even those who hate my usual old-lady stinkers found this one lovely. And rightly so.
I agree. Usually fragrance narratives leave me going, "meh," but I like this one. Also love the little graphic of the lady riding the tiger. Giacobetti, like Ropion and Maurice Roucel, are probably the three greatest "new" noses out there.Cab driver eats an orange! Wonderful scent that is one of my favorites. It's just too damn $$$$ so I never seem to have a steady supply.
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