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Ah, Creed. I miss my Aubepine Acacia. That's about it.Aventus did little for me.I'm a broken record, but in the past year or so (or at least in the pages of this thread I've read recently) I've seen n'aught a Roudnitska in sight. You folk need to remedy this immediately.In other news, somewhere in my wine cooler I have a TINY little bit of "Vega." I may break it out because I'm feeling frisky.
Any updates on this one? You find out something interesting? They're lovely buttons. PM me if you don't find a good buyer.
CONUS shipping/PAYPAL included. Brand: Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche (made in Italy). From Tom Ford's first men's collection at YSL. They made very few of these and they were built like tanks (and compared to other brands about 30% more expensive). They don't make them like this anymore: leather, lining, hardware, etc. are superlative. I've only seen bags from this collection for sale one other time and it sold for a lot more than I'm asking. Material: Black calf...
Good one. Eco is a lot of fun. I actually love the movie, only because of young horny Chris Slater going to town with a local farm wench. Nomnomnom.I love all the CdG Incense, as with most of the (early) CdG series. I was one of the few who had all the gigantor 500ml "Cologne" series. All of them. One of my stupider purchases. I doused in "vettiveru" for months. At some point, assuming I've had enough wine, I'll share my stories about dinners and drinks with the...
Wow, so you guys also call that "the finish?"Haha gross. This thread took a weird turn.In other news, a smattering of Chamade. I have to wash you weirdos off in some good stink.
What do you think the Vodka is for?
Just a friendly bump for this thread. Anybody have any new and exciting hides as of late? Here are two of mine. Left is Ostrich (leg, as opposed to the hide with follicles; many mistake this one for sea turtle or croc) and right is alligator.
I had some Russian Leather once; I think he was a sailor in the merchant marine. But that's a tale for another thread.
Can we take the walking tour of the fine parfumeries of East St. Louis?
CdR is perhaps my favorite of all Chanels. I've long since used up my stash, though, and so have been without for a long time. I managed to find no19, n22, n5, even Gardenia and Une Fleur in some neat old parfumeries around Japan... but they never had CdR. My guess is because it's so wonderfully foul. The Japanese tend to hate civety pouder sort of stinkers; Jicky I never could find either (though Mitsouko I found quite easily).It's definitely on my list; for as many...
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