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Agreed. As well as Malle Portrait of a Lady.
I wish the best for his family and friends. Thanks again, Spoo.
Le parfum de Therese today. I'd wear this almost exclusively if it weren't so damn $$$.
A tragedy; great effort from you, Spoo.
Bump to see what we think these days... I stand by my original list, though several are now out of print.
Forgot how much I enjoyed the (easily obtained) Cartier Declaration. A wonderfully stinky Ellena juice that hearkens back to the old classics. Great for the hottest summer months.
Anybody (Stateside) trying out a 2017 Jag XE?
Voyage to the wine cooler today; spritzing an old (discontinued) rarity today. The old Cartier frags are powerhouse stinkers... each to be enjoyed.
Looks good! Are you able to source leathers from the same places as AiP? Or where do you get your leathers?
As much as I harp on and on about Diorella, I never actually have done a side-by-side comparison of the new (Les Creations) and the old EdT on each arm. I did today because it was warm. Here's the results: As I always said, the new one is worth the money. Is it the same? No. But, given the issues with vintage stuff, it's worth the effort. The difference is in the underlying "funk," which is basically the issue with all the Dior reformulations of Roudnitska stuff. ...
New Posts  All Forums: