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Did you try Cuir Ottoman? That was one of my favorite FOUL leathers (oil/grease/wet leather on a bike)Overall I'm more of an old-school Knize Ten sort of gal...Haha it does. I have lots of CDG stories from my Japan days. Some more fit for online posting than others.
Thank you, sir. Got an email about a PM so logged on.A nice day for L'interdit today. Forbidden? I think not.
I have not tried that one. Back years past I had LOTS of AdP, but never tried that one. Is it new?I love vintage GG. It's so much better/funkier/darker than the newer juice. All that thick boozy civet and patchouli. The newer juice has a pissy "twang" that is more harsh rather than dark.Bond HOT ALWAYS was a nice patchouli stinker...but too $$$.Just got up and poured some coffee... so haven't turned to a SOTD yet. I'm thinking maybe vintage Antaeus or maybe Tiffany PH.
That sounds nice. Other than a big Mag tree next to my garage... I don't know that I've had such a scent.SOTD Chamade parfum. Bizare cool weather today and the hyacinth punch is heavenly.
It's on hiatus at the moment. One interesting and surprising fact about getting married is that suddenly you have another person with VETO power over financial decisions. Apparently it was decreed that renovating the kitchen last fall was of a higher priority than another bespoke bag for me.
Roucel is always a good bet. I wish I hadn't used up all my Helmut Lang EdP. Was out landscaping and mowing, so OCEAN RAIN today.
Did you never get back?
No, not yet (alas). In any case, I hope some other members have visited or chatted with Bea in the interim and will post their goods.
Enjoy it! If you get it and hate it, PM me. I'm always in need of more Jicky.
No worries; all concentrations from every brand are different. BUT, Chanel is one that intentionally changes the character of its variations... whether for stylistic or marketing reasons (giving a reason for somebody to buy one of each variation, for example).Guerlains don't really change too much as they move up the foodchain... just darker/deeper/richer. Like, I happily wear Shalimar EdC on spring/summer days, but I couldn't imagine giving the parfum a whirl in 80+...
New Posts  All Forums: