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Yep, CdG scents are great. Probably the best scents available from a fashion house.
That's a good idea. Decants are a nice way to get rid of excess juice you don't need, recoup some of your investment, and still have the chance to keep/wear some for yourself. You can also sell the empty bottles to collectors on ebay, if you decide not to keep them for yourself.I haven't done decants in ages, but back in my basenotes days in the early/mid 2000's it was a lot of fun. It was also a nice way to do swaps/trades and try new stuff and meet other fragrance...
Fair enough; I hope you can get a good price for it! If you aren't buying frags for yourself to wear, though, it's not a terribly lucrative market to enter. The cardinal rule of old fragrance fans trying not to waste huge amounts of monty/time is (1) never buy blind (2) never buy it unless you plan to use it or give it as a gift and (3) never buy it expecting to resell it for $$$ (unless you pick it up for a song).The trouble is that on ebay you'll see tons of high-priced...
Haha, I didn't see your location bc I focused on your screen name!Spring is just as good. Warm, not hot... and cool... not cold... give the perfect match for Miss Dior. It feels harsher/flat in the winter and a little too stinky in summer. But spring/fall it's perfect. Diorella or eau Fraiche is great for hot, sultry summer (or Eau Sauvage of course)
4 oz is about 120-125ml. It's a nice find... but if you are thinking of selling IMHO I doubt it's either that old, Baccarat, or all that valuable.As far as Diors go, parfum is where the value lies, or ones that have been discontinued: Dior Dior, Eau Fraiche, Diorama, Diorling, etc. Miss Dior and Diorissimo were available for so long and in so many forms they are less sought after or found relatively easily.Unless you paid a lot for it and need to recoup an investment, I'd...
Wow, good find! The old houndstooth bottle Miss Dior, even in the EdT, is wonderful. Lots of oakmoss civety stink! Enjoy. What size bottle is that? I had a similar one with the stopper top years back in 100ml.
I'm also using this Trussardi 1911 document case. Deep maroon/mahogany brown soft calf. The versatility, elegance, and value of a good document case can't be beat.
Good choice. One of my favorites. A "friendly" chypre that manages to hold its own (and be distinctive from) the other classic Chypres.Cali Dreamer... Idole is a good choice as well. It's been several years since I wore it (I had a decant back when it first came out) and I really liked it.
Toshiki Matsui. It's not a "big" name in Japanese architecture (like Tadao Ando). But he did a lot of the Yohji stores in the 1990's, at least according to the Harper's Article where it appeared back in 1999. (Harper's Bazaar June 1999 "Yohji's Private World" by Melissa Barrett Rhodes)
I forget his name, but it's by the same Japanese architect he used for many of his boutiques. It's not a super famous guy; it was profiled in a magazine article back in the 1990's.Apparently the building was supposed to be his atelier/office, but he liked it and decided to live in it instead.
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