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Meyer & Mortimer (http://www.meyerandmortimer.com) are in the military tradition, probably slightly less expensive than some others. They seem to meet all your stated "style" criteria . Highly recommended. I have been their customer for more than seven years now. If you need further information, do not hesitate to ask. Frog in Suit
Budd, New & Lingwood, Turnbull & Asser, Benson & Clegg...I am sure there are more. Take a walk up and down Jermyn Street and the arcades. Frog in Suit
I seem to remember being told that my tailors had a chance to buy the freehold of their premises, in the 1960's, I think...Sigh! Frog in Suit
“Changing the delivery of their marketing and PR…” These (SR houses) are small, sometimes very small i.e. one person, businesses. They do not have the resources to engage in “marketing and PR” except in a very rudimentary way: a website is the most they can hope to be able to afford and nothing very complex or slick at that. Some appear to give away stuff to bloggers in exchange for a write-up. How effective can that be? The margins are small. Before internet, marketing...
It is indeed nice to find "affect" understood and used correctly and not confused with " effect". I suspect that is why "impact" as a verb became so prevalent.I did not know "contact" was once frowned upon as a verb. "Get in touch" would have been used in preference, I suppose?Invite is just laziness, I think.“Incentivize” makes me want to reach for a stick of dynamite and I am a peaceful man.Frog in Suit
"Impact", as a verb, annoys me no end. I think this turning nouns into verbs started in business, or more probably, business schools, all in the name of efficiency and trying to sound modern to impress the boss.Pshaw! and Harrumph! Frog in Suit
Marketing is no excuse. I would argue that this kind of blatant and demeaning attention-grabbing promotion is more likely to turn away customers or potential customers of fine bespoke shoes. I also have started thinking of Lobb; much more expensive, I know, but then I can live (fairly) contentedly with fewer shoes.While they are at it, they might offer gold-thread shoe laces, or sequined broguing...Some strategic thinking, before it is too late?Frog in Suit
The company might consider how much it owes to the skill and hard work of the workshop before it demeans the "brand" (a word I hate) into this Vegas-like vulgarity.Frog in Suit
I confirm that laine simply means wool. Cachemire would be cashmere. I presume it is so obvious that they did not bother translating the latter. Frog in Suit
I, a modest bespoke customer, agree and find the adverts appalling. What do the (talented) women shoemakers on the Foster team think about this?Frog in Suit
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