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I have no idea. Sorry. I suspect, since I do not think they ever made anything themselves, they commissioned garments from various manufacturers at different times. I think, from what I have read, they moved from "Old England"-type stuff to more Italian-like styles, which would imply different sourcing,but this is just a guess. Frog in Suit
Hear, hear ! (Stripes, especially).Frog in Suit
Old England is now defunct, replaced by a watch shop (Bucherer).Frog in Suit
It is a bit of a Catch 22 situation: to develop a RTW line (and publicize it and sell it…), you need pots of money. If you are an old traditional SR house, you do not have pots of money. There are exceptions: Anderson & Sheppard (Rowland money), Huntsman (Messrs L’Roubi and Lagrange’s money, I would surmise chiefly the latter’s), Gieves and Hawkes (Who owns them?) but, as far as I know, this is about it.The others (Poole, Davies, Dege, Meyer & Mortimer, Benson & Clegg,...
Eyeballing the UK CPI for the approximate same period, I get a yearly average of ... TWO percent!I would submit that going RTW is not the only way: Anderson & Sheppard seem to have started a haberdashery, Poole (I think) has RTW but only in Japan, etc…I should think both had access to capital in order to expand, whereas many other firms do not. I fail to see how those ventures have had any effect, good or bad, on their core bespoke businesses.I think you can also continue,...
My experience is that bespoke prices have been rising much faster than inflation for ever, or at least for as long as I can remember. I could buy a (two-piece) suit for about a thousand GBP twenty years ago (admittedly not from the most expensive SR firms). I am now looking at four thousand.How much inflation is that? Anyone with a head for numbers?Buy now, while you can…The clothes last a long time and never go out of fashion. How else can I attempt to justify the expense...
For what it’s worth, in the case of my tailor (Jones Chalk & Dawson / Meyer & Mortimer) it is always the cutter / head cutter (Mr Paul Munday) who travels. I have no idea where that idea that SR firms send a “non-cutter” overseas comes from.M & M, of course, are run and owned by their cutters / MDs, which in why I chose them in the first place.Frog in Suit
Slightly off topic, perhaps? Frog in Suit
Precisely. Frog in Suit
Pope & Bradley have been part of Dege since at least the 1980's (?). Source: Directory at the end of The Savile Row Story by Richard Walker. Frog in Suit
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