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Agree.My experience of Savile Row (two firms for about thirty years with a ten or fifteen year gap in the middle) is that you meet the cutter who measures you, asks questions, checks you out discreetly and cuts the cloth.The cloth, lining, canvas, padding, buttons, etc..., are then bundled and sent to the coatmaker, trouser maker, waistcoat maker, who may all, or not, work in workshops on the premises. A few weeks later, you will have a baste fitting after which the...
I made my choice today. It will be the Ettrick 879 (Lovat mill), 20 / 21 oz.: wanted something bold but not in as huge a pattern as the Alsport 2404, and light in colour (more of a light brownish / beige background). Some of the swatches I looked at have a reddish / greenish tone; nothing wrong in themselves but not what I was looking for. The Glenhunt 874 was a close...
Many thanks for your advice. I have e-mailed my tailor. I have not seen any Russell checks on the Fox website.I shall keep you posted.
Many thanks for this most useful information.I had neglected the Hartwist 32137 because it is flagged as “low stock” on the site, only two metres left. Would that be enough for a coat, especially considering the complex pattern? It does look very good.The Alsport 32403 is out of stock, alas. There is no picture on the site.Again, thank you.
I apologize for cutting into the conversation at this -- late -- point. I only check the site infrequently.I happen to have with me a swatch of the Glenroyal 44535 as I am currently pondering a Russell check coat (like a hacking jacket, more or less). It is probably a lighter cloth than I would like and, unless I am mistaken, a tweed-like worsted, not a real tweed.I find the cloth pleasantly substantial, with a dry hand. It appears much darker in the swatch than in your...
Quoting from The New York Times article: "Mr. Carey, who serves as co-head cutter (with Dario Carnera) in addition to his role as creative director, is dedicated to the signature Huntsman aesthetic: a one-button slack pocket, strong but natural shoulder line and high-waisted jacket." What the hell (forgive my French) is a “one-button slack pocket”? Frog in Suit
Thank you both for the information. Frog in Suit
Meyer & Mortimer ( are in the military tradition, probably slightly less expensive than some others. They seem to meet all your stated "style" criteria . Highly recommended. I have been their customer for more than seven years now. If you need further information, do not hesitate to ask. Frog in Suit
Budd, New & Lingwood, Turnbull & Asser, Benson & Clegg...I am sure there are more. Take a walk up and down Jermyn Street and the arcades. Frog in Suit
I seem to remember being told that my tailors had a chance to buy the freehold of their premises, in the 1960's, I think...Sigh! Frog in Suit
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