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Just wondering if anyone has asked Vass to trim the soles closer to the edge? I'm not sure that I like the way the sole sticks out the sides of the shoe. It seems to take away from the sleekness of the U-last. Is this the sort of request one can make?
Am considering taking advantage of the weakening GBP and stepping up to play with the big boys. Does anyone have any shots from the top or side profile shots, or shots from front-on, of the G&G Grant?
I've noticed in pictures that the C&J Antique Nubuck, featured in brown on the Tetbury boot, tends to crease rather significantly. I have confirmed with yfyf that these shoes crease more than any other shoe he has on the 348 last. Is it possible the "Antique Nubuck" is a code-word for corrected grain leather? In my experience, only corrected grain leather and cordovan crease this much. I have attached one of yfyf's photographs. Am considering a Tetbury purchase but...
Do you guys buy your OEM straps straight from the dealer? Are they available anywhere else? Also, are the IWC crocodile straps genuine crocodile leather?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ixelles Got a Lowndes, Hallam and Tetbury and another I've forgotten - all on the 348 last. I bought the Lowndes in UK10 and have all the rest in UK9.5 - all in E width. I reckon I could have stuck to 9.5 for the Lowndes, but I had a problem with too-tight monks from a different brand. I'd stick with the same size for all 348's. Just to complicate it, I discovered a really knowledgeable shoe store from whom I got 2 pairs of...
So what are the price points for JLP in Hong Kong? JLP in discount?
Do they also make belts?
Just informed by Shyam that they have received the new catalogue. New styles available are listed below. Of note, no models on the 351 last, and only one model on the 358. The BG Edgware has become available however and should be popular. Hallam in Espresso Calf Suede may be popular also. ______________________________________________________________________ Last 358 Handgrade Selborne Black Calf Handgrade Selbourne Chestnut Antique Calf Last 348 Edgware...
I will be in HK during Christmas and NY, do you know if they will be closing for holidays during this time?
Quote: Originally Posted by flatfront I love my C&J shoes and really struggle to see what one gains by paying up to £200-00 more for EG except for some wonderful antique finishes. Handgrades really are a fine shoe and the 337 and 351 really suit my foot. As for quality on the regualr line, well there is a noticable decrease in the little finishing touches as well as a lack of oak bark soles. Still fine shoes though and the 348 perhaps the best of all...
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