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Thinking of buying some shirts off the context sale, was wondering if these were TTS or if i should size up one. The Jcrew extra slim fit oxfords in xs fit me pretty well, but i was looking at the size charts on some of these shirts and they look a little too skinny
wondering how often they restock their inventory I swear the slim fit oxford shirts have been sold out since the webstore opened
What's the best way I can go about in fixing this problem I'm having? Not sure if its just the way my shoulders are or if its easily fixable
my xs oxford arrived today, probably gonna have to return it since it fits more like a small than an xs and the sleaves are super long
quick question on their slim shirts, should i go true to size or size down one?
got my suit like 2ish weeks ago and i wore it to my graduation today
message sent
so uhh do I really need to invite 5 friends in order to get in or do I just wait?
is there any way to make the shoulders of the sterlingwear peacoat not so boxy? i swear the shoulderpads make my shoulders so square
so where can i buy those cristy soles at? i can only seem to find them in sizes 10, 12, and 14. are those the only sizes they make for it?
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