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Yes it is today's (7th April) programme. It was on air when I posted. UK listeners will be able to hear it for at least a week via BBC iplayer. Leon
Interview with Kathyrn Sargeant now on "Midweek', Leon
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Mind you, I do slightly miss the old-fashioned black leather (or leather-substitute, who knows) British passports. (first person who now goes on to suggest that if I miss them so much, I should get one of those mock-old-British-passport leather passport covers, gets an ironic clip round the ears. ) I did too. I now have a black leather cover from Smythson, that recreates the old-style! Mind you, my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder Anglican or Catholic? There is a Catholic tradition of wearing purple ties to funerals. No there isn't. People are aping the vestment colours of the priest. 40 years ago, it was only black. Since then the rules have been changed to allow white or purple as well. Leon
Quote: Originally Posted by il vecchio Leon: is your avatar a picture of Gerald Warner, and if so do you mind me asking why? Yes it is. I chose it on a whim, thinking he looked smart. I don't read his column/blog in the Telegraph. So i don't know what his views are, let alone subscribe to them! Leon
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria For any given style, a 3, a 3/2.5, a 3/2, a 2 and a 1 button jacket buttons at exactly the same point: your natural waist. But a two button or one button jacket can have the buttoning point placed a bit lower if you want to show more shirt since lowering the buttoning point will not produce any asymmetry of button distance that can make a third, top button look otherwise odd. That is within the general concept...
^He sold his name like Pierre Cardin. Most old stuff won't be from the bespoke/couture house, but from multiple tailors like Hepworth. Didn't see any ghillie collars in the piece; shame. Leon
They are all oily at A&S, Leon Powell especially (to judge from the BBC TV show) KM's alter ego looking less slick: Leon
Hitchcock's hands look massive. Does he have acromegaly? Leon
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