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If you like the Vale or the Sutton they are now discontinued. As I have the Sutton, I bought the Vale: Perry
Ala Moana Shopping Centre will be of interest. The normal; Macy's, NM, Nordstrom, RLPL. Enjoy your trip. Perry
True, at $756 and in my size, 8.5E. But I will likely pass as it is $756. In Dark Brown Museum. Perry
It is a prestige or classic model?
My wife and I are at the St Francis starting the 27th, so will certainly join you for drinks at B Bar. I can not commit to LuLu's at this time (our flight leaves Phx very early on Sat the 27th and we may be worn out) but definitely look forward to meeting other foraites. Perry
I have the Asquith in Edwardian: I wear them but not with Navy business suits and I am a "hate black" kinda guy. I prefer chestnut or buaxite with Navy: or or Good wearing, Perry
I love your taste. These are my two favorite monk straps. I suppose I have others but it is hard to notice past these two. And I also think you have the best 2 colors. Wear them with pride and thanks for sharing. I actually sourced my "Oundle" as the RLPL Grant and I thought that the medallion was a fair bit different. But it isn't. Only slightly different. Thanks again for the good pictures. I think these pictures also answer a question posed in the...
Tom, Congratulations for your first Mainland shop. I suspect it will not be your last. I know I love being able to see Alden, G&G, JL and EG all in the same place and it different sizes and lasts so I am not guessing what to buy from a distance. Some of your new G&Gs are absolutely beautiful. Do you have a date yet? Perry
Barney's deepest cuts seem to be in their Caruso made Barney's line and the odd Kiton they have left. Although Isaia and Battistoni do get reasonable markdowns. Perry
Go ahead and wear anything you want as long as it is a navy suit, professionally laundered white shirt, non wild, non red tie and recently polished black cap toes. Cutting your hair and beard however should be mandatory. Perry
New Posts  All Forums: