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And based on earlier threads and near universal recommendations this was the fabric of my first order, which has not yet arrived. Perry
Quote: Originally Posted by topcatny That is the truth. I am definitely tall (6'4") and I have long arms (37" sleeve), on all of the L jackets I have tried on lately, the sleeves end at my knuckles! I can't imagine how they can make a jacket that is too long in the sleeves for me. In a few cases a R actually fit me much better. I recently bought an e54L Corneliani and it had to have about 3 inches cut off the sleeves losing most of the...
I am paying $38 in Tucson (plus $5 per buttonhole stitching=$40) to get mine done. And I will bet the rent on the W side of Tucson is a bit cheaper than in Manhattan. Perry
Well I don't know if Ebay counts as a thrift, but it has been a heck of a week. I had 13 items up for sale and only 6 sold and the canali, Oxxford, and Pat Zileri suits all sold at less than bargain basement prices. Steals for sure. The good news is that I bought what looked like a virtually new Brioni silk summer sportcoat in a bl/wh herringbone for only $150. It arrived today and definitely looks like it just came off the Nieman's retail shelf at a cost of...
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc pkincy, (offtopic) I don't mean this rudely , but how well do you know Belvest ? The reason I ask is that I buy their items religously and the "B" may not be a Brioni Button, Belvest uses 3 types of buttons with the "B" in it. I actually avoid those items with the B but i do know their custom made and some higher end sportcoats all have those buttons. You have a pm. thanks, Perry
I am afraid I agree. You can spend some time at the outlets or sales and get far better suits at about the same price. Perry
As poor as Ebay is at handling disputes their problems seem to revolve around their inability to resolve "he says, she says" disputes. I.e., who cheated who and who has whose money, etc. This seems pretty straightforward. He agrees he sold, you bought. Keep the email he sent you, but I would expect that another email detailing his obligations to deliver the scarf might help. OTOH, it might simply not be worth arguing about. You do have the money. He has the scarf...
MyMy seems that several people have forgotten their Prozac today. Perry
An old thread but Ebay keeps rocking on. I have bought 70 items since the start of the year. Early on I was not tuned in to the size conventions (most Ebayers think a e54L is a 44L) and the need to really know your measurements and to nearly be clairvoyant about how good the seller has measured and read the tags. So a lot of what I bought had to be resold or donated. But still there are some good bargains to be had from some of the better sellers both amateur and...
Quote: Originally Posted by steadyearnest I've recently gone from a 36 to a 34 and don't want to have buy all new trousers. How much can can you take in on most pants before they look silly? Aha! congratulations. I would say lets trade, but i have just listed many of my 34s on EBay. I think you will have no problem with a 2 inch drop. Perry
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