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Unfortunately, no can do this GTG. I am not back in SF until the 3rd week. I did thoroughly enjoy last month's however. Perry
Slipper Norweger Model in Peter Last take with hand stitching on the upper in Bordeaux Boxcalf: Old English Plain Oxford U Last antic cognac with medallion and single sole in antic cognac: and and from above (please ignore the non Vass shoes)
It appears that the visiting tailor process is indeed more MTM than bespoke. The factory visit, be it in HK, Chicago or London is true bespoke and will tend to provide a better fitting garment. All of this stands to reason. Perry
Seems like a modestly well made suit tailored for a 17 year old (or an anorexic 20 something). I did love the RLPL suits. Slim cut but still could be worn by real people and of wonderful fabrics and construction. I am not certain that I love the lack of belt loops but the fabric and cut are wonderful. I believe they are still available MTM. Perry
I think anyone well dressed will get the "do you work here?" question more than once if you are in a shop, as most of the world dresses pretty casually. My favorite is getting employee prices on coffee at the coffee kiosk at the Fashion Square Mall all the time in Scottsdale. They assume I must work for a men's store somewhere in the mall and automatically charge me less. See there is some benefits for dressing well. Perry
As others have said, there is no dispute here, it is horrible to anyone with eyes. This is the best reason in the world to always use credit cards. First return it to the merchant and ask for a refund. If that is not immediately forthcoming, than dispute the CC charge and keep your pictures to email as they investigate the dispute. They obviously mixed your measurements up with some petite lady's. Perry
All the above seem within reason. You do want this done well particularly if it is a well built garment. I have my Caruso sourced Barney's private label jackets shortened from the shoulder as the body of the 54L fits me perfectly but the sleeves than are 4 inches too long. They charge me $60 with the purchase (generally during sale times) for this extra work. And these jackets have a wonderful gathered sleevehead and so far the LV tailor has done a very good job on...
A wonderful time was had by all. It was a real pleasure meeting everyone. For those of you that have not attended a SF meetup, it was an excellent time of fellowship. There was a surprising lack of discussion of matters sartorial. In fact I remember virtually none. More general camaraderie and lively discusson on a wide range of topics. I look forward to doing it again. Perry
Looking forward to it. We got up at 4 this morning to catch the first plane to SF, so are pretty certain we won't last until dinner, but the weather is great and we will walk over. Perry
I am giving you 25 year old advice here, so take it for what its worth, but in my SEAsia travels I never found a quality tailor in Bangkok or Singapore. Plenty in HK and I think now in Shanghai. I would imagine that some of them must have a Beijing operation. Perry
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