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Back to the OPs question, I would think a 25 lb wt loss could be worked out for well less than $500. However your tailor will give you a better number Perry
I use a chestnut croc. PK
Alas, sometimes the orders do get a bit bolexed up. Other than the color this is the exact shoe I ordered when I got my Cognac Oxford Medallion model which was ordered as an Italian-Oxford w/medallion. And they are my size. Hmmmm, do I really hate black shoes? Probably not. At any rate, they are great shoes and in black probably way more suitable to most folks here. Whoever scores these will enjoy them. Perry
Unfortunately I will not be in town. I have formalized my SF travel schedule for the next 6 months and it will be the week that starts with the 3rd Monday of the month. I am looking forward to the next GTG that fits that schedule. In the meantime, have great cheer at the GTG! Perry
I probably wouldn't on navy blue but I have a royal blue hopsack type weave Oxxford silk summer coat that is perfect with its white (not cream) buttons. Perry
I spend most of my time in Scottsdale or Honolulu so my flip flops are used constantly. Pretty standard attire is flip flops, casual Zegna lightweight linen trou with a linen shirt worn with tail out and a Bailey's Guthries Panama Fedora. Perry
If you travel a lot, I think the first priority is how much can the 22 in US sized carryon hold. I have a number of them and my favorites are my Hartman's. I suppose it is still available in belting leather although I typically carry the Tweed with belting leather trim. The Hartman will hold about 30% more than my Tumi 22 inch, which is how it won my heart. In fact it holds so much that I have never had to check a bag although I travel mostly for a week at a...
I don't know that I get the mink suede with colored socks and linen trousers, but it is a great shoe in other company. Perry
Very lame, but at least it is a start. Perry
+3 I have several shirts I wear in the summer as dress shirts that are linen/cotton and each is more transparent than all cotton shirts. All my 100% linen shirts have an open weave that makes them somewhat transparent. PK
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